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Q: What are some examples of water erosion?
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What are several examples of surface that changes from outside the earth helping people?

water erosion and wind erosion

What are two examples on how moving water shapes land?

Erosion and weathering

What are some secondary landforms?

A Secondary landform- is a landform created by the erosion and weathering by water, wind, and ice. Some examples are alluvial fans, floodplains, and deltas

What are some surface features formed by water erosion?

The Grand Canyon is a surface feature formed by water erosion. All riverbeds are formed by water erosion. Hoodoos are formed by water erosion.

What are some examples of erosion caused by ice?

ice wedging

Are sand dunes and deltas examples of erosion?

No, they are examples of deposition, not erosion.

What are 5 examples of wind erosion?

well in school i learned about wind erosion and water erosion and others . here are a few examples : when wind hits rock ,when wind pushes waves and hits rock and wind hits cliffs

What are some examples of the erosion?

Wind erosion - dust storms, sand movement in desertsWater erosion - rivers (grand canyon), sea,Gravity erosion - land slides

Is not a means of water erosion?

Natural springs are not a means of water erosion. Some types of water erosion include rain, streams, rivers, and ocean waves.

What are examples of gravity erosion?

Some examples would be avalanche, landslide, debris flow, mudflow, and a sinkhole. Gravitational eroson is caused by gravity in contrast to the physical movement of wind and water required for other types of soil erosion. This involvs mass wasting and smaller scale erosion. Two types of mass movements are slump and creep

What sre some things that cause erosion?

Water and wind are the cause of most erosion.

What are some non examples of erosion?

non-examples of erosion would be fire or anything that does not have to do with waterice and Nanon.