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For example :Eat like a pig.

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Q: What are some expressions between humans behavior and animals?
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What is the difference between aggressive behavior of animals and humans?

There is none as humans are animals. (For this reason, this isn't a useful question)

What is the difference between human and animal behavior?

The difference between human and animal behavior is that most humans "learn" their behavior while animals on the otherhand are usually born with important traits such as their anger issues and their abillity to trust humans.

How does the behavior of Humans differ from the behavior of Animals?

Unlike animals, humans have much more complex thought processes. Animals are driven mostly by instinct and can't completely think through a problem.

What kinds of animals copy humans behavior?


What involves the application of evolutionary principles to the behavior of animals and humans?

The behavior of animals and humans can be studied with an evolutionary lens. This allows scientists to determine why certain behaviors were beneficial in evolutionary terms.

How do patterns of migration between humans and animals match?

People don't migrate. Animals migrate. So, there are no patterns between humans and animals.

What is the difference between behavior and human behavior?

Behavior is a common noun which can be applied to animals and humans or a system ( the action, reaction, or functioning of a system, under normal or specified circumstances). Human behavior is how every individual reacts under different circumstances.

What are the differences between animals and humans?

Humans are rational

Which animals have instinctive behavior?

All of them. Even animals without neural tissue have ingrained patterns of behavior and even the most intelligent animals (read humans) have some behaviors that are instinctual.

Is gait a motor behavior?

Yes, gait is a motor behavior in humans and other animals. Animals are capable of symmetrical gaits and mammals are capable of asymmetrical gaits.

Psychology is the study of what?

Scientific study of the behavior and cognitive processes of humans and animals.

What behavior is common to both humans and animals?

2 of the behaviors is afraid & brave.

What is Behavior genetics perspective?

Behavior genetics is the scientific study of the role of heredity in behavior. It proposes that most behaviors in animals and humans are influenced by genetics.

How is human and animal behavior similar?

Well they are VERY similar considering humans are animals.

What is interdependence between animals and humans?

Humans depend on animals for food. Animals also help humans with work and animals also produce waste, to fertilize crops and other plants.

What kind of competition between animals is there in the galapagos islands?

Humans and animals

What are differences between plants and humans?

Plants are autotroph and humans and animals are heterotroph.

What does major say about the relationship between animals and humans in the book Animal Farm?

What does major say about the relationship between animals and humans in the book animal farm?

What are some characteristic of snakelike behaviour in humans?

Some characteristics of snakelike or reptile behavior in humans include harming other humans, eating animals, and feeling no pain for other suffering humans.

What are the differences between a humans eye and a nocturnal animals eye?

Humans cannot see in dark night but nocturnal animals can see.

What is the theme of the poem Birds by Judith Wright?

The relationship between humans and animals, ergo, the relationship between humans and nature. As will as the serpect that humans should have for animals in ord to not disrupt them an poissoning them with our imposing way - is in essence what it is about.

What are the behavior traits?

Behavior is how an animal or human interacts with its environment and other animals or humans. ------------------------------------------------------- Behaviors include catching food, avoiding predators, and finding a mate

What type of behavior in humans is self sacrificing behavior?

Altruism in humans is a type of self-sacrificing behavior.

What is the difference between lice and ticks?

Lice is on humans and ticks is on animals, ticks can't survive on humans and lice can't survive on animals.

What are some things that humans can do that other animals can't?

Humans can distinguish between right and wrong.