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Q: What are some factors causes moribund language?
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A sentence using the word moribund?

Some of the bank's savings accounts are moribund, having seen no activity in years.

What is the factors that hinder communication?

There are several factors that can hinder communication. Some examples might be a language barrier, unclear language, or undelivered email or texts.

What are some factors that factors that decrease calcium absorption?

Excess protein or phosphorus consumption causes the body to excrete calcium.

What are some causes for diseases?

Diseases are often caused by viruses and bacteria or genetic factors.

What are some causes disease?

Diseases are often caused by viruses and bacteria or genetic factors.

What factors effect carbon footprint?

There are many causes of carbon footprint. Some of the more common causes are, transportation, building, utilities, and factories.

What are the External factors that affect international operations at ups?

language barrier poor infrastructure in some countries

What are some of the causes of diabetes?

Some causes of diabetes include obesity, lack of exercise, genetics, eating an excess of sugary and unhealthy foods. Usually it is a mix between genetics and environmental factors.

What causes developmental delay?

Development delay in people can be caused by various factors. Some are simply genetic causes (e.g. Down syndrome), some start early, during pregnancy (e.g. pregnancy and birth complications). Everyone develops at a different rate, and there are many factors that affect this rate.

What are the factors of communication?

Factors that contribute to communication include language, sender, receiver and the message. Distractions can affect how effective the sender is in communicating.

Who discovered the causes for arthritis?

No one, The causes of arthritis aren't known. It's thought there may be genetic (inherited) factors that make some people more likely to develop it.

What factors limited the ability of the Mongols to trade with some regions?

Natural barriors like oceans,seas,mountains and language.