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-5,000 diffrent spieces -eyes contain about 30,000 individual lenses -can fly forwards, backwadrs, up, down and can hover for about a minute -can live from 6 months to a few years-eat flying insects -have a 360 degree field of vision

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Facts about dragonflies?

they can sometimes be beautiful

What is a dragonfly's threat?

Dragonflies biggest threat is birds, they some times eat dragonflies.

What is a dragonflies defense?

Dragonflies have huge stingers and some people are allergic to their stings and can die.

What are some of the limiting factors that affect dragonflies?

Some of the limiting factors that would affect dragonflies would be climate, rain, temperature, and other species in the environment. Species that ate the dragonflies would have the largest effect.

Is a dragonfly a scavenger?

Yes, a dragonfly is scientifically a scavenger. Some people say that they are not but I have studied dragonflies and all of my partners that also study dragonflies say that dragonflies are a scavenger.

Do dragonflies eat other dragonflies?

Yes, dragonflies do eat other dragonflies.

When there are many dragonflies flying in one spot what does that mean?

It means that there is some sort of gathering of insects that the dragonflies are eating

What are some activities for dragonflies that live in the marsh?

Dragonflies like to fly around and just play around for fun! Dragonflies like to fly around and just play around for fun!

Dragonflies gestation period?

Dragonflies have been around for about 300 million years. They can have varying gestation periods, some can be five days, some can be seven months.

What are some physical characteristics do dragonflies have?

dragonflies depending on what type can be colored differently or can be able to migrate faster than others

Can you purchase dragonflies?

If people catch dragonflies and sell them in shop then dragonflied can be purchased. And maybe they are bieng sold on some markets.

Do dragonflies eat flowers?

No, dragonflies are carnivores and eat other insects. However some of them lay their eggs in aquatic plants. Dragonflies are good to have in your garden because they will eat insects that eat plants.

Are dragonflies reptiles?

No. Dragonflies are insects.

Are dragonflies crustaceans?

No, Dragonflies are insects

Are dragonflies decomposers?

No. Dragonflies are predators.

Meaning of dragonflies following you?

There are various meaning attached to dragonflies following you. Some people believe that it symbolizes self realization and emotional maturity.

Do some dragonflies live for a day?

They live for 120 years

What are some other names for dragonflies?

devils darning needle

Symbolism of dragonflies?

The symbolism of dragonflies is freedom.

What is a dragonflies prey?

frogs eat dragonflies

What do you call a group of dragonflies?

A Fetch of dragonflies.

How do dragonflies communicate with other dragonflies?

they fart

Are dragonflies invertebrates or vertebrates?

Dragonflies are invertebrates

Why do dragonflies buzz?

dragonflies buzz to communicate

Are dragonflies a consumer or a decomposer?

Dragonflies are consumers.