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What are some games like charades?


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Story Charades is a cross between charades and telephone:

Have some of the players (around 5) leave the room and go somewhere they can't hear the game. Then have one of the players in the room act out and describe a scene: for example, making breakfast ("I crack an egg into a bowl, get a whisk out of the drawer, and scramble the egg, then..."). Then one by one, have the players come back in, each acting out the scene for the next, but without the explanation. Then the last player has to tell the story that goes with the actions.

Psychiatrist is similar to the improv game Party Quirks:

Have one player leave the room, and have three (or more!) people in the room decide what is "wrong" with themselves: for example, one has to clap whenever someone says a word with three or more syllables, one believes he is a dog, etc. Once they've all decided, call "Psychiatrist!" to summon the player who'd left. The Psychiatrist gets to ask them yes or no questions to determine what their problem is.

To make it harder, the "illness" might be associated with a location or position, and players can call out "Psychiatrist" to signal to each other to trade quirks. For example, the player closest to the window might think she is underwater, and the player sitting in a particular chair might think he's 100 years old; if those players change positions, they exchange illnesses as well--or if the person in the chair is also closest to the window, he's now a 100-year-old man underwater!If you want know details, see the related link!