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Pd Sweet, trip Lee and lacrae are my favorits.

A will not give up, freestyle, reform by Initial Ge are all good rap songs on YouTube

Dance with the devil by immortal technique is also good and uncommon valor by jedi mind tricks

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Q: What are some good rap songs?
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What are some good energy saving rap songs?

what are some good rap songs

What is some good pregame rap songs?

Remember the name - Fort Minor most awesome beated rap songs

What are some inspirational rap songs?

I'm not afriad and when I'm gone by eminem I don't listen to rap usually but these are good songs

What are some good rap songs that talk about God?

Some good Christian rap artists are Tobymac, Flame, Manafest, Lecrae, Tedashii, and Trip Lee.

How do you make a rap song?

you have to be really good in ryming words and have to have a good story to rap about when you get to writing you have to have all the details of the rap your saying and make all your fans feel your rap and also listen to some other rap songs and get some ideas from those

What are some good pregame rap songs?

heart of a champion by Nelly

What are some raps?

If you want some good rap songs, download Stan by Eminem, H.E.R. by Nas, or any of Eminem's songs.

What are some really good rap songs Not some inspriational songs talking about life and stuff Rap songs with good beats like Marco Polo By Bow Wow Pop Lock and drop it By Huey and hit em up LW?

Lean Back - Terror Squad

What rap songs are considered the best rap songs of all time?

Some of the best rap songs of all time are ten to twenty years old. Artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Run DMC, have some of the most played songs in rap history.

Can anybody tell me some good rap songs with some really good bass to them Thanks?

Some good rap songs with some really good bass include Swag Surfing by F.L.Y., Everything by Young Jeezy Rider, Lil Wayne Ol' Lady, Plies I like to Shine and Yo Gotti Pure Cocaine.

What are some great underground rap songs?

There are many great underground rap songs. The greatness of these rap songs depends on your own personal preference for example.

Some good rap songs?

9 any eminem songs or 50 cent or anyone from shady/aftermath records

What are some good rap songs with lots of beats to get pumped up with?

Yeah 3x

What are some good rap songs for a twelve year old?

Lose yourself by Eminem

What are some good rap or pop songs you n your friends can grind too?

I am a boy.

What are some good heartbreak songs hip hop and rap are perfered?

take a bow by rihanna

What are some really good songs i hate rap but like anything else?

You shouldn't have to be told what you think is good. There are thousands, perhaps millions of songs outside the rap mode that are worthwhile. The fact that you have bypassed the mind-numbing effects of rap means there is hope for you. You can't spell crap without rap, you can't spell rape without rap. Take a dump on music and then rape it, and you've got rap.

What are some good hiphop rap and rasta songs for rolling blunts?

Any Wiz Khalifa song

What are some of Afroman's songs?

There are a number of songs that the rap artist Afroman has performed. Some of his songs include Because I Got High, Crazy Rap, Palmdale, and Let's All Get Drunk.

What do most rap songs mean?

Rap songs don't mean anything, it depends on who raps it. Some are about death and sex, but some are about love, or things that matter.

What are good clean rap songs?

anything by will smith

What are good rap songs to roll to?

tu pac.

What are some rap songs with the beatles in them?


Does rap music demean?

Some rap music can demean. However, not all rap songs do. It depends on the morality of the artist.

What are some good sad rap songs for a slideshow presentation project about Palestine?

Change the world by Bone thugz and harmony