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Q: What are some good reasons for allowing the student to enroll in the class?
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Why teachers lesson explanation in the class is very important?

class works are important for students because it enhances their skills in different aspects of learning, develops their mind and thinking....... it also gives them new ideas and points on how they can improve their abilities in various aspects that a student has to develop.

What is a class captain speech?

A class captain speech is a speech given by a student to their classmates to ask for their support in being elected as the class captain. In the speech, the student typically outlines their qualities, ideas, and reasons why they would make a good leader for the class. It is a way for the student to showcase their leadership skills and vision for the class.

How do you become an cna?

you enroll in the semster class. most community colleges have the class

Learn password breaking?

Enroll in a security class.

Where can one enroll for a business writing class?

One can enroll for a business writing class at the University of California, which is located in the city of Berkeley. Some online webistes such as Writing Trainers also offers this kind of class.

How do they make Advil?

Enroll in some kind of Bioscience class

What is high school diploma in US?

Throughout high school, students have to pass a certain amount of class in order to graduate. In most cases a student needs their diploma in order to enroll in a secondary school

i need to find out how will i be able too enroll into a class for barber training?

You will need to enroll in a recognized cosmetology or barber college,there are several to choose from.

Why do high school students skip class?

High school students skip class because a class may be boring to the student, to finish homework or the course material is challenging. Plans to go out with friends and a lack of interest in the subject are additional reasons for skipping class.

What does it means the audit a class at greenville technical college?

Auditing a class means sitting in on the class as an observer (rather than as a student participant). This is true of all classes, not just those offered at Greenville Technical College. Sometimes people will audit a class to decide whether or not they want to enroll in it; sometimes classes are audited to get information regarding specific information the auditor wants.

How can a student be the best in class?

Because when the student studies a lot he becomes intelligent and is the best in class

is there a way that i could enroll at this school and take this one class that i need to graduate from high school becaues all i need is one more credit?

You are able to enroll into the school and take the final class that you will need in order to get your diplomas.