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What are some good sentences with the word distraught?


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June 29, 2016 10:42PM

The adjective 'distraught' describes a noun as very upset and agitated.

Example sentences for the adjective 'distraught' are:

The woman was distraught at the thought that something had happened to her husband.

The mother was left distraught after she found out her children were missing.

When people go through suffering, they can feel distraught.

She was distraught that she had missed her flight.

Though she had been joking earlier in the day, she quickly became distraught when she discovered that she had lost her keys.

His distraught condition had landed him in the insane asylum.

The mother stumbled from her son's funeral, distraught.

She was distraught at the idea she'd never see him again.

Her distraught father found her.

He was distraught to find his comic cupboard empty.

The distraught mother is seeking to find her lost child.

This is a nice note to end an otherwise emotionally distraught tale.

Mom and dad moved but Frosty didn't fit in their plans, so off they drove leaving the dog distraught.

She was distraught over the decision.

His parent were distraught that their child was cheating on his homework.

Emily was distraught because her beloved goldfish had died.

Jill was distraught when her puppy went missing, but was soon elated when he was found.

He was distraught after hearing that his brother had died.

I was distraught when the blizzard hit just as I was about to return from my trip.

Alice was distraught when news of her husband's death reached her.

Since the accident I've been quite distraught.

She was quite distraught when she realized that tuition prices had risen for her university; she would have to negotiate with the financial aid office over this year's tuition discount and reconsider spending a semester abroad.

The lady was distraught after the death of her husband.

When I dropped the cake, I really felt distraught.