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Q: What are some good thing you can say about MY SON?
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How do you say some things are good and some things are bad in spanish?

You say it like this: "Algunas cosas son buenas y otras cosas son malas"

What are the good and bad about health?

The good thing about health is having it. And so, the bad thing is not having it. SOme people say that you don't miss something until it's gone, and that can be said about health.

How do you say it is 500 o'clock in Spanish?

It is 5:00 o´clock is: Son las cinco. If you actually mean to ask about five-hundred o'clock (in some sci-fi universe where such a thing exists), you would say: Son las quinientas.

What does Creon say makes a good son in 'Antigone'?

Creon says that a good son is loyal, is respectful, and is obedient in "Antigone."

Good thing that you can write about aunt?

Some good things you can say about your aunt is how loving and kind she is. You want to make sure you stress her good qualities.

How do you say they are good singers in spanish?

Son buenos cantantes

What are good words for stories?

what, are ,some , good ,words ,for ,stories, flips , burgers . u, jelly, son. breakfast, bacon, egg ,n cheese, what, can, i ,say , i ,am, hungry.

Should you stay in a lying unfaithful marriage or go back with your ex and son that has hurtful past?

Neither Id say. Ive heard that getting counseling is a good thing.

How do you say the beans are good in Spanish?

The beans are good = los granos son buenos

Is it a good thing if you get your partner to say your name during sex?

It is a good thing if your partner does not say someone else's name during sex.

What are some good thing to say to a celebrity?

so how is your life binging a celebrity and how much do you really love your fans

What is a good thing to say to your older sister English?

the only thing that you can say that means the world. i love you.