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The field of a social worker offers many options for working with youth. These jobs generally fall under the "child, family and school" type of social work. A job in a foster home is one example. Working as an adoption specialist would be another.

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Q: What are some good youth social worker jobs?
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What are some careers similar to a babysitter?

Some jobs involving babysitting are as follows: teacher, nanny, youth care worker, pediatrician, educator, children's councilor, photographer, social worker.

Where are social worker jobs available in Toronto?

The city of Toronto offers a specific job listing site. This would list jobs with the city, but not all social worker jobs. Therefore, the local paper and agencies that utilize social workers are good places to check as well.

Is Child and Youth Worker a good career?

I could find that there are no enough jobs for this career and usually no good pay. Could be good for people that want work just part time.

What are some common social service jobs?

A few positions that could be allocated in the 'social service' category would be the following: Qualified Social Worker - Children Services, Qualified Social Worker - Fostering & Adoption, Hospital Social Worker, Forensic Social Worker and Respite Manager.

What jobs can you get with a masters in mental health counseling?

Social Worker, Counsciler

What jobs are available in urban areas of Spain?

Some of the jobs are secretary, teacher, social media worker, and spokesperson.

How do you get employed as a social worker?

First, you get a degree in Social Work. By the time you have done your internship, you will have many leads on jobs.

What jobs can you get with a masters in social policy?

Social worker, probation officer, HIV/ AIDS Awareness Coordinator, Project Manager

What are some of the requirements for Human Service Assistant jobs?

Social and human service assistants help social workers, healthcare workers, and other professionals to provide services to people. Social and human service assistant is a generic term for workers with a wide array of job titles, including human service worker, case management aide, social work assistant, community support worker, mental health aide, community outreach worker, life skills counselor, social services aide, youth worker, psychological aide, client advocate, or gerontology aide. They usually work under the direction of workers from a variety of field.

Which government jobs have the best job security?

The best jobs for security are the office worker. This includes like the DMV, social security workers and all the other jobs that are similar to that.

How do American workers qualify for the benefits administered by the US Social Security Administration?

An American worker can qualify for the benefits administered by the US Social Security Administration if he's a worker who worked a 540 hours in a year and loose his jobs.

How many jobs are available in Harlow?

There are currently 116 jobs available in Harlow, Essex. Some of these jobs include a custom project manager, a social worker, an account manager, and a sales executive.