What are some great anime?

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if you want to watch great anime here are 4 of my fave:


2.fruits basket

3.ranma 1/2 (parental discretion advised for the first 10 episodes)


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Q: What are some great anime?
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What are some great Japanese ecchi anime shows?

Code Geass

What is a great website that sells Anime wallpapers?

A great website that sells Anime wallpapers is Anime Papers. Anime Papers has over a thousand anime wallpapers and they all are completely free and easy to download.

What is a great anime movie?

Metropolis .

What is a great drama anime?

Texhnolyze .

What are some great anime shows to watch?

Clannad Kaichou WA maid sama Skip Beat

What are some anime like jonjou?

Some similar anime are Gravitation and loveless.

What anime has great fighting?

Samurai Champloo .

Is kitchen princess be an anime?

no it not going to be an anime. if you want some awesome anime. watch inuyasha.

What anime is like cardcaptor sakura inuyasha kodocha and full moon wo sagashite?

There is no anime like that, but manga yes. In a way, a slight way related to Inuyasha, Kuroshitsuji. As for the magical girl, a brand new anime series called puella magi Madoka Magica is a great anime filled with anime, and intense cliff hangers. it is complete. ( 12 episodes, but it is a great anime ) And Full moon wo Sagashite, there is no real anime like it, but try to read Heart no kuni Alice. it is a great manga.

Some of the best anime pictures can be found on which websites?

Some of the best anime pictures can be found on the Anime Paper website or Manga & Anime section of Deviant Art. Some good artwork may also be found on fanpop.

How do you draw anime hands?

Go look at . They have some tutorials on how to draw anime hands along with some anime drawing things.

Where can one find a listing of the Top 25 Anime Couples?

There are many websites that provide listings for the top anime couples. You can try such sites as Great Anime Couples, Best Anime Series List and Top 25 Anime Couples.

What are some cool anime games that you can play online for free? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Were can you download fairy tale the anime?

if you want to watch anime i wouldn't download there are some great site that let you watch anime for free like or just to name a few i do know Fairy tale is on if you do watch you'll have to read the subtitles.

What is a great anime tv show?

FullMetal Alchemist

Why do some viewers draw anime?

Some viewers draw anime because after watching anime they wish to see if they could replicate the feat that the artists in the industry can.

What are some free adult anime sites?

You could try Crunchy roll, anime freak, and gogo anime.

What channel is good PG anime on?

you can probably find some good PG anime on any anime channel

What are some anime sites with English dub?

Check out the Anime Crave website; they have tons of English-dubbed anime.

What are some video games based on the anime series called Bleach?

There are quite a few video games based on the anime series Bleach. Some great examples include Blade Battlers, Bleach DS, Heat The Soul and Soul Carnival.

Is there a anime show for kids?

"Pokemon" and "Sailor Moon" remain some of the top "kid-friendly" choices in terms of anime. "Cardcaptor Sakura" is another great choice, as are "Strawberry Marshmellow" and "Tokyo Mew Mew".

Where can you buy anime costumes?

You can try a local costume shop. Some anime sites also sell anime costumes. There are also some available on ebay and Amazon.

Which is the best animated cartoon?

This will be an opinion. Anime and Manga is a great category to start with. If your older, check for adult program anime.

Where can one watch anime videos?

Anime Crunch offers anime videos in English and other languages. Kumby, Crunchy Roll, Anime Swap and Anime Plus offer free streaming of some of the most popular anime titles.

Is it true when they say that Anime is not for kids?

It depends on the Anime, some are very light-hearted and suitable for all ages. While others can be intense and have adult themes. Some Anime is adult-only such as Hentai, which is basically pornographic Anime.