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One friendly bet is to have the "loser" have to sit and watch a program with the winner that the loser hates. AKA. if the boyfriend wins, then the girlfriends has to watch amauter hockey on the local sports channel, or WWE Wrestling on a monday night. If the girlfriend wins, then they boyfriend has to watch a soap Opera or something on the Oxygen channel.

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How do you cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught?

Ask your boyfriend. I'm sure he has some ideas.

What are some Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend of five years?

There are a huge range of different gift ideas for a boyfriend of five years on Christmas. For example, a nice book, trip, concert tickets, wine or spirit are just some ideas that could be given to a boyfriend of five years for Christmas.

Ideas for friendly bets?

instead of running or walking, make some one skip instead

What are some ideas for a friendly bet between you and your friends?

loser must buy like a 10 dollar dinner or something that's what we do. or 5 bucks for a game or racquet ball

What should you get your boyfriend for his birthday?

If you need some gift ideas for your boyfriend the quickest way is to check online. Just go to the internet and do a search for "gift ideas for boyfriend". You will be amazed to find sites who will tell you some ideas for a gifts for your boyfriend.

What is some good gifts you can get or make your boyfriend for his 21st birthday?

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What are some ideas of what to get your boyfriend for his birthday?

Cologne, CDs, Movies, video games, necklace, picture frames, scrapbooks.

Boyfriend birthday gift ideas?

Some ideas for birthday gifts can be gift certificates for a movie. Try to think of his hobbies or interests to help you think of a good present for his birthday.

Where could a diabetic-friendly diet meal plan be found?

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What are some gift ideas for a 19 year old boyfriend?

you need to thing of what he likes personaly and try to get as close to that as possible

Are tribes friendly?

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What are some do-it-yourself birthday gifts for a 23 year old boyfriend?

It is always difficult to think about gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Becacuse every year you need to be creative to think about someting. There are some great sites when you just type into google gift ideas for boyfriend

Can you give me some boyfriend birthday ideas? is a great place to search for ideas regarding man problems. Its a great place to ask a large variety of men for ideas about what your guy may want to do or may want for his birthday.

Why does Disney Channel barely allow kisses on their shows?

Because some little kids can get ideas. They keep their programming as family friendly as possible.

Boyfriend meets his EX?

Ok. I have a boyfriend and if he went to hang out with his ex after they didn't talk, I would have some serious issues with it. But sometimes you just have to trust that he won't do anything and it really is just a friendly meeting. Trust him.

What should you get your boyfriend for Christmas?

Please see the Related Link(s) bellow for some websites that share some great Christmas games

What should you get your 13 year old boyfriend for Christmas?

You are to young to date but some gift ideas are chocalet books do his math homework

Who do you tell your boyfriend he is unromantic?

valentine's day is coming up, and you may wanna point out some romantic ideas. hint at things

What is some good ideas for a bet with your boyfriend?

Ask yourself the Question...think of what you want your boyfriend to do to you....and than make it a bet or for trust issues than bet him to do something to another girl and see if he dose it

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What are some eco-friendly ideas for a wedding favor?

There are numerous ways to save both money and the environment while providing a memorable keepsake for wedding guests. Small potted plants, personalized seed packets, bamboo coasters and honey bee wax candles are all great eco friendly ideas.

What are beach food ideas?

Beach food ideas would be picnic-friendly foods. This includes foods easy to be packed and wrapped up. Some of these food items could be sandwiches or vegetable sticks, grapes, etc.

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