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Q: What are some industries in which measuring and controlling viscosity are important.?
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Name 3 industries in which measuring and controlling viscosity are important?

Cosmetic industry, Food Industry Lubricant industry

Why does a make up manufacturer need to know about viscosity?

Viscosity of a liquid is important for industries, especially the cosmetics industry which depends on the flow properties of matter.

Poise is measuring a unit for what?

Poise is a measuring unit of Viscosity.

What is the unit for measuring poise?


How do you find absolute viscosity of fluid?

Measuring the viscosity of the liquid with different types of viscosimeters.The more correct word is dynamic viscosity.

What are the uses of viscosity in pharmacy?

Viscosity has to do with measuring the flows of liquids. It helps in absorbing drugs into the human body, and that is just one medical use of viscosity.

Why viscosity important in fluid property?

Viscosity provides a resistance to a fluid being squirted out, say, between a crankshaft and a bearing journal under pressure. So measuring viscosity will be important for predicting how much protection a given fluid will provide.

What is an instrument for measuring the flow of liquids beyond viscosity?

It's a Rheometer.

What are the uses and functions of viscosity pipette?

maybe for measuring the viscosity of e liquid.....its a pipette so it transfers liquid to another container....just confirm

Is viscosity a chemical or physical properties?

It is a physical property :)

Explain what is meant by the ramp method of measuring viscosity.?

HAHA. i came here to look for the answer. After to looking through my textbook a bit i was able to determine that the ramp method is a method of measuring viscosity in which you pour a liquid down a ramp and time how long it takes to get to the bottom, can be used to compare different substance's viscosity.

Why you checking viscosity?

Viscosity is an important parameter for materials in industry; it is useful to know the flow behavior.