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Q: What are some inventions in Myanmar?
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What were some of Thomas Newcomen inventions?


What were the Mohawk inventions?

What are some Mohawk inventions

What were some of the inventions of the akkadians?

What are some of the inventions of the akkadians?

What are some of the uncommon inventions by Benjamin Franklin?

What are some small and unknown inventions?

What are some useful inventions?

Some useful inventions are the light bulb, wheel, and the telephone.

Where was king okkalapa born?

Some where in Myanmar

What inventions occurred between 1835 and 1910?

You can find some inventions in the Wikipedia article "List of inventions".

Can you list some inventions from 2000-2011?

Some inventions from 2000-2011 are the iPhone and the iPad.

What were some of Franklin inventions?

Benjamin Franklin's inventions were numerous. Some of those inventions were bifocals, swim fins, the lightening rod, the Franklin stove, and the odometer.

What are some australain inventions?


What are the inventions of sumerians?

Some inventions of the sumerians were the wheel, clay, and mud bricks

What are some inventions from Switzerland?

there is no technology inventions in Switzerland but they invented the Swiss watch