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Some items that have both a property of a solid and liquid are.....

  1. Ice Cream (hard to soft, almost water)
  2. A certain kind of quicksand goo (melts then gets hard and flakey
  3. Dirt (melts into mud if you add water)
  4. Ice (from a solid hard thing to a water) then that evaporates
  5. Thats all for now! :)
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Q: What are some items that have both properties of a solid and liquid?
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Is hair gel liqiud or solid?

it is a non newtonian liquid that has both properties of a liquid and properties of a solid. When it hardens it's considered to just be a solid

What properties are common to both solid and liquid?

tangible,visible,measurable,occupy space

What part of the earth is very hot and has properties of both solids and liquids?

The Mantle Is The Part Of Earth That Has Properties Of A Solid And A Liquid.

Is jelly a solid liquid or gas?

Jelly is a solid, although it is rather viscous.

List three charactoristics properties of matter?

Matter are in four states. They are solid, liquid, gas and ionic ie plasma. In case of solid, the properties are many. Conductive both heat and electricity, elastic property. In case of liquid and gas, both named as fluid as both are capable of flowing, the following properties are common. Diffusion, viscosity. In case of liquid there comes surface tension, osmosis, the properties to be mentioned.

Is thick cream a solid or liquid?

it is both. Think cream (like custard) is a newtonian liquid which on rest is a liquid however on impact it has the properties of a solid youtube jon tickle walking on custard

Is hair a solid liquid or a gas?


How do compare the volume of sugar solution and pure water?

The properties of sugar and water alone is a liquid and a solid. The properties of sugar-water solution is a liquid.

Is a cell a solid or a liquid?

It has both liquid and solid parts.

Is earth a liquid or a solid?

Actually, it is comprised of both liquid and solid.

Is grapes a solid or a liquid?


What are 3 properties of a gas?

RarefiedAmorphous, taking shape of the containerLower Density than solid or liquid of the same compound.Higher energy state than solid or liquid of the same material.Either the same temperature as the corresponding solid or liquid if both are present, or a higher temperature if only the gas is present.