What are some metaphors in Animal Farm?

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One metaphor in Animal Farm is the farmhouse, which represents greed and lust. The gun and flag represent Marxism in the way the animals worship them. Sugarcandy Mountain represents heaven. Milk represents the love and care from mothers to their children.

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Q: What are some metaphors in Animal Farm?
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What is the relationship between Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution?

George Orwell had written Animal Farm at the time of the Russian Revolution. He had based Animal Farm on the historical events that had occurred by having the characters be metaphors for leaders and social classes of the time. For information on the specific metaphors, go to this link: What I enjoyed Animal Farm a lot.

What are 3 metaphors that are in the book animal farm by George Orwell?

all the characters in the book are the metaphore to the Russian Revolution

What are some quotes for napoleon in Animal Farm?

"Long live Animal Farm!"

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What kind of harvest did the animals have in Animal Farm?

the animals in animal farm had a harvest with many crops. They had some struggle, but it was worth the sweat!

What are some adjectives to descrive Animal Farm by George Orwell?

Some adjectives to describe Animal Farm would be witty, original, fantastic, clever. *I know it's not a lot, but I .*

How did animals celebrate in Animal Farm?

Crack some eggs

What are some examples of bandwagon propaganda in animal farm?


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What human in Animal Farm is corrupt?

Mr.jones is the corrupt human in the book animal farm. also napoleon is the corrupt animal in animal farm.

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Those are my two kids.

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