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Q: What are some methods for minimizing erosion?
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Erosion control methods usually involve what?

Different kinds of erosion calls for different control methods. Some examples of the control methods includes the planting of cover crops, building of gullies and planting on the terraces.

What impact does erecting a wind break or fence have on wind erosion?

The wind break or fence will slow down the wind as it travels through it, potentially minimizing erosion.

What are some methods farmers developed to prevent soil erosion?

Windbreak-Planting trees around the perimeter

What are three methods to prevent erosion?

prevent overgrazing

What are four farming methods used to prevent erosion?


What are three methods of preventing soil erosion?

-by increasing the planting -

What technology is used in coastal erosion?

No technology is used in costal erosion, it is a natural process from several different methods.

What are the methods use preventing for soil erosion?

vegetation would be one

What two farming methods help prevent soil erosion due to water runoff?

Contour plowing and terracing are the two main methods that farmers use to prevent soil erosion due to water runoff.

What does the term xeriscape mean?

Environmental design of residential and park land using various methods. For minimizing the need for water use

Why do convervationists urge us to plant trees in places of water erosion?

One of the methods for slowing or stopping soil erosion is the planting of trees of forests.

What eco-friendly cleaning products and methods can be used to clean a house while minimizing environmental impact?

Some ways to clean a house while minimizing environmental impact. Swap plastic bottles for glass. Opt for reusable cleaning cloths. Switch to eco-friendly laundry detergent. Switch to natural sponges.