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altogether, watermelon, and picnicbasket.

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Q: What are some more four syllable compound words?
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What are some compound words that have 4 or more letters?

Some compound words with more than four letters:afterthoughtbeachcombercheapskatedressmakerearthquakefeatherweightgrandmotherhearthstoneinpatientjawbreakerkindheartedlighthousematchmakerneedlepointofficeholderplainclothesquartermasterrattlesnakesuperstructuretablespoonundercurrentvolleyballwatermelon

Is notice a compound word?

No, noticeable is not a compound word. Compound words - words made up f two or more words.

What is a masculine rhyme?

A rhyyme of one syllable words or, if more than one syllable, words ending with accented syllables.

What is a one syllable word for baby?

There are more than one single-syllable words for baby. One of the words is tyke.

What is the name of the words with 2 or more syllable?

They are polysyllabic.

Examples of combined compound words?

compound words is two or more sent.

Are their more than 1 syllable word that has ten syllables?

A one syllable word has only one syllable. A ten syllable word has ten. There are no one syllable words with ten syllables.

What is the Exception of the silent e rule are the words that have more than?


Is kilometers a compound word?

Yes. A compound word is a word that you can hear more than one syllable in. Kilometer has two separate syllables killo and meter.

Is doubt a compound word?

No, doubt is not a compound word. It is a standalone word. Compound words are formed by combining two or more words.

How can maths be used to determine the reading difficulty of a book?

One way to determine the reading level of a book is to count the number of words, and identify the percentage of , for instance, 4 syllable words, 3 syllable words, and 2 syllable words. The higher the percentage of multisyllable words, the more reading difficulty.

What does the word compound means?

Compound in interest rates is as thus, compounded monthly means,if you get 3 cents interest this month, next month it compounds to 6 cents and so on! The next month 12 cents, depending on your financial institution and the rise and fall of interest rates.