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There is an addon called RoguePowerBars it shows your poisons on the target, bleeds and Slice and Dice. Shows the time on those. has it.

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Addons for World of Warcraft are a personal issue, the ones most commonly used by mages are cc timers, combustion timer and usually a portal addon.

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Q: What are some must have add-ons for rogues?
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In order to manually install an addon, first download the addon and unpack its zip file. Everything contained inside the zip file should then be copied into the World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons folder. When you start up World of Warcraft again, click the "addons" button at the bottom left of the character selection screen and make sure that the addon is there and the box in front of it is checked. The addon should now be running properly. If the addon has not been updated for some time, you may need to click the "load out of date addons" option for it to work, but this increases the chance of the addon causing errors.

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