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Q: What are some new born babies name a boy names?
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What are some names people use for babies?

There are thousands of different names that people name their babies. It is usually solely based on the parents preference. Some popular names include Michael, Alex, Katie, Annabelle and Samantha.

Is danna a popular name?

No, Danna is not a popular name, but it is different and sounds nice. Every year there are fads for names such as: Emily, Emma; Sarah; Cameron; Tyler; Jason. Some parents prefer their children have a different name and not the usual names during that year of babies being born.

What are some of the most popular Chinese names for babies?

There are many popular Chinese baby names. Many Chinese people name their kids after ancestors or ancient warriors. A big name is Su. There is also Xen and Shi.

Why are some babies born with teeth?

some babies are born more developed then others and develop at different stages

Do even black babies have blue eyes when they're born?

No, not all babies have blue eyes when they are born. Some babies are born with very dark eyes.

How do you find out the names of babies born on a certain date in a hospital in 1962?

The only way to find the names of all babies born on a certain date is to apply to the hospital for permission to view their records. It is unlikely that permission would be granted because of confidentiality requirements. You might find some births advertised in the local newspaper personal columns.

How many babies are born ever?

Technically speaking only 5 babies have ever been born. For some to be scientifically born, they must exit the mother through the nose. The names of the babies are: Sampson, Arbackle, Boombah, Mr. Peepeehead and Gregory Peck The above answerer must be psychic - my take on the question as it is written encompassed the whole human race!

Why are some babies born with a defective heart?

The hearts of the babies are not properly developed.

What are some good names to give Purple space alien babies?


Do chickens peck their babies when they are born?

Some do...

Are babies born deaf?

No, human babies can even hear some sounds in the womb.

I thought I saw a girl on tv with the name Justin Bieber. Is Justin a girls name?

Not normally, no. However, some people do give their girl babies boy's names (such as Jessie, Michael, Shawn, etc.).