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Q: What are some non-examples of energy transfer?
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What are some nonexamples of a physical change?

Well , eating pizza (:

What are some transfer methods of energy?


What is the energy transfer when you iron some damp clothing?

Electrical energy into heat energy

Is the transfer of energy called?

The transfer of energy is called Energy Transfer

Is it true that some energy always disappears forever during a energy transfer?


Where is energy lost between trophic level?

Yes some energy is lost in each energy transfer reaction ,it is due to second law of thermodynamics .no energy transfer can be 100% efficient .

Why doesnt the energy from a producer all transfer to the secondary consumer?

Not all the energy from a producer transfer to a secondary consumer because some of this energy is lost along the way.

What are some nonexamples of metalloids?

cats and dogs also rats, dont forget tigers

Can waves transfer energy through liquids and solids but not through gases or empty space?

Some waves can transfer energy only through liquids and solids, but not through gases or vacuum. Some waves, like sound waves, can transfer energy through gases, liquids and solids but not through vacuum. And some waves, notably electromagnetic waves, can transfer energy through vacuum as well as matter.

What energies can thermal energy transfer into?

one energy that thermal energy can transfer into is radiation energy. It can transfer into that because of the electromagnetic waves.

What are the differences between energy transfer and energy transformation?

In an energy transfer, the energy moves from one object/material to another. In an energy transformation, one form of energy transforms into another. In both, the amount of energy does not change, but in an energy transformation, some energy is lost into the environment.

What is radiation is the transfer of energy?

what is the transfer of thermal energy by radiation