What are some objects that use concave?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Peepholes such as in hotel rooms

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Q: What are some objects that use concave?
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Which type of mirror is used by ENT doctors?

a detist use concave mirrors to focus light on the tooth because when objects are kept very closee to concave mirrors they look larger, this makes concave mirrors useful for a dentist to focus light on the tooth.

What shape reflects most sunlight?

concave objects(sphere)

Does concave lens magnify objects?

NO, It reduces it's image size

Why do we use concave mirror as converging mirror?

why do we use concave mirror as converging mirror

What are some examples of concave mirrors?

Mirrors in flashlights and headlights, mirrors for shaving or make up. A mirror to make objects look bigger.

List two uses for concave lens?

Both concave and convex lenses are used in glasses; A microscope, like a reflecting telescope, uses a concave mirror, a plane mirror, and a convex lens; A refracting telescope uses two convex lenses to magnify images in the sky; binoculars use concave lenses to improve detail.

Does a torch use a concave mirror or convex mirror?


Does a concave lens bend light to make the objects appear larger?

yes it does

What are the use of concave?

Concave lenses are used todiverge rays of light.

Is magnifying lens a convex or a concave lens?

A magnifying lens is convex i.e. it bulges outwards. A concave lens would make objects appear smaller.

How do you use concave lens in a sentence?

A concave lens is thinner at the centre. People who are short sighted often use a concave lens to help them see better.

Write magnification relation in terms of you and v for convex lens and concave mirror?

Convex is () and makes objects appear larger. Concave is )( and makes objects appear smaller. The side rear-view mirrors on cars have concave mirrors, hence, "Object are closer than they appear." Easy way to remember is that a cave is like a hole in the ground, so something is concave if it gets smaller towards the center.