What are some of the best songs by DragonForce My Chemical Romance And Metallica?

My Chemical Romance

-"Thank You For The Venom"

-"House Of Wolves"

-"Vampires Will Never Hurt You"

-"Demolition Lovers"


-"Nothing Else Matters"

-"The Unforgiven"


-"Enter Sandman"

-"Master of Puppets"

-"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

- "Frantic"

-"The Thing That Should Not Be"

-"The Day That Never Comes"


-"Trapped Under Ice"


-"The Flames of Youth"

-"Revolution Deathsquad"

-"Through the Fire and Flames"

-"Valley of the Damned,"

- "Fury of the Storm."

- "Heart of the Dragon"

It honestly depends on your personal tastes and what you prefer. But these are suggestions.

MCR - "Teenagers"

MCR- This is How I Disappear

MCR- I Don't Love You

MCR- Welcome to the Black Parade

MCR- Sleep

MCR- Headfirst for Halos