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My Chemical Romance

-"Thank You For The Venom"

-"House Of Wolves"

-"Vampires Will Never Hurt You"

-"Demolition Lovers"


-"Nothing Else Matters"

-"The Unforgiven"


-"Enter Sandman"

-"Master of Puppets"

-"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

- "Frantic"

-"The Thing That Should Not Be"

-"The Day That Never Comes"


-"Trapped Under Ice"


-"The Flames of Youth"

-"Revolution Deathsquad"

-"Through the Fire and Flames"

-"Valley of the Damned,"

- "Fury of the Storm."

- "Heart of the Dragon"

It honestly depends on your personal tastes and what you prefer. But these are suggestions.

MCR - "Teenagers"

MCR- This is How I Disappear

MCR- I Don't Love You

MCR- Welcome to the Black Parade

MCR- Sleep

MCR- Headfirst for Halos

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What are the songs on the latest your chemical romance album?

its MY chemical romance My M-Y MY chemical romance not your

Which is better DragonForce or Metallica?

I think Metallica is better because they have more fans and they have so many songs. They even have their own Guitar Hero. It's your opinion and everyone has one. I like both but love Metallica more. You don't have to like Metallica best if you don't want to though. In my opnion Metallica. Metallica is also bigger more famous and has had a more than lustrious career. Metallica has many more fans. Its your choice however. that is one of the hardest answers we people of America and farther have pondered... metallica, or dragonforce? i cannot choose but you can. the world is just one big rock song, and we are all in a battle of the bands. which band will you choose? drew flores "question of my life" I love Ashley Welker!!! ofcourse metallica.metallica has won many Grammy awards metallica because they have alot more experience and they are even getting there own guitar hero metallica Metallica is WAY better than dragonforce. Dragonforce is anti-christ dragonforce is faster and crazyer but if your talking about amazing hard rock metallica anyday i think Metallica. even though they only have 4 albums i liked, they far surpass Dragonforce. by the way Dragonforce is computer generated i hope you know, AND all there famous for is a video game. but HOW are they Antichrist?

Has your chemical romance broke up?

no they havent they are just taking awhile to write some more songs and its "my Chemical Romance"not "your chemical romance".

Songs that have personification in them?

The Sharpest Lives by:My Chemical Romance

How many songs have My Chemical Romance made?

they have at lest 63

What songs have personification in them?

The Sharpest Lives by:My Chemical Romance

Does my chemical romance swear?

Yes. They swear in multiple songs.

How many songs has My Chemical Romance written?

I'm pretty sure they have made 74 songs

Where can you legally download free My Chemical Romance mp3s?

You can listen to all my chemical romance songs on you tube.... even some unreleased stuff.... btw mine fav song by my chemical romance is " black parade "

How many songs are in guitarhero metallica?

There are 49 songs in Guitar Hero: Metallica.

How many unreleased songs does Metallica have?

there are like more than 160 metallica songs

What is the song momma about your chemical romance?

its about war :) most of the songs from the Black Parade are

How long does my chemical romance songs go on for?

I dont understand whay you mean...

Does Gerard Way write all the songs for My chemical romance?

All members of the band contribute to writing the songs.

Is Gerard way a composer?

He writes songs but he is in the band My Chemical Romance, (their really good)

The ghost of you?

The Ghost Of You is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands My Chemical Romance ^_^

Who writes the songs for My Chemical Romance?

I believe its Gerard Way. Or he seems to write most of them.

How many songs did chemical romance made or wrote?

52 in total. Do you want the names?

What Metallica songs are the most popular?

The Metallica song Master of Puppets is considered to be the most popular Metallica song. Other popular Metallica songs include Creeping Death and Enter Sandman.

Is metallica better than U2?

Yes Metallica is definatly better U2 although U2 does have some good songs, Metallica has more and the very best songs.

How many songs have your Chemical Romance made?

It's My Chemical Romance not Your Chemical Romance. I think there's 59 including "Under Pressure" cover they made with The Used, "Every Snowflake's Different Just Like You" which they did for Yo Gabba Gabba, "I don't want a lot for Christmas" which they covered, and "Sing if for Japan" which they did for the tsunami. - All the songs on the albums, though, combine to 55 exactly.

What are the names of song titles that Metallica has made?

There is over 130 Metallica songs.

What metallica songs cuss?

Most songs by Metallica are free of any cursing. Most of the songs in which there are curse words used are sins they have covered by other bands.

Is there any dragonforce songs on Guitar Hero World Tour for XBox 360 that you don't need to download?

no, there is not a dragonforce song on the disk set list. i am really ticked off, but also, there is (for the moment) no dragonforce downloads either...i really hope that they get some more of their songs up soon, but for now, there are none.....

Does Dragonforce write their own songs?

Yes. Sam Totman writes most of them.

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