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Q: What are some physical properties of calcium chloride?
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What are some physical properties of lime?

calcium and or oxygen

What are of the Chemical Properties of Calcium?

Some chemical properties of calcium is that it's highly reactive. I have searched some other chem. properties but all i get is a good conductor, soluble, and an alkaline earth metal. but those are PHYSICAL properties, so I've only found that it's reactive as a chemical property.

Is calcium chloride inorganic or organic?

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an inorganic compound.

Why is calcium chloride not safe to eat?

Calcium chloride hasn't a good taste. But calcium chloride (as agent E509) can be added (of course in small amounts) to some foods and drugs.

Is calcium caltrate the same as calcium?

No the chloride ion is a chlorine atom that has gained an electron and has a -1 charge. Because it is charged the chloride ion must be accompanied by a positive ion of some sort to balance the charge. Calcium chloride is a compound that contains chloride ions (Cl-) and calcium ions (Ca2+) and has the formula CaCl2

What happens when anhydrous calcium chloride is exposed to the atmosphere for about 2 days?

Calcium chloride absorb easily water and become a hydrate; after some time, being hygroscopic and deliquescent, solid calcium chloride is transformed into a solution.

What are some binary compounds found in foods?

magnesium chloride, calcium chloride. Found in Powerade.

What type of physical properties are in a calcium oxide?

Some physical properties of calcium oxide are:- density: 3,34 g/cm3- melting point: 2 613 oC- boiling point: 3 850 oC (at high pressure)- crystlline structure: face-centered cubic- enthalpy of formation: 635 kJ/mol

What is some physical properties of ununquadium?

The physical and chemical properties of ununquadium are not known.

Name some chemicals?

sodium chloride,calcium oxide,potassium

Name some chemical compounds?

Sodium chloride, Calcium oxide

What is the difference between the chemical and physical properties for sodium chloride?

For all materials physical properties are related to some characteristics as density, hardness, refractive index etc. and the chemical properties are related to some characteristics as chemical reactivity, flammability, oxydation etc. Physical properties are characterized by getting back the original material by changing its form, state, etc. Chemical properties are characterized by a complete change in the material itself i.e. you cannot get back the same material.