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What are some poolside survival tips for cruises?


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During the day, especially when the vessel is 'at sea', the pool is THE place to hang out. During the summer months and holidays, expect many families to be poolside with their kids running amuck. If this isn't your thang, you may wish to utilize the pool while the ship is in port or at off-peak times such as when the dining rooms are open. Same goes for the jacuzzis. Also, remember that the pool water on ships is held to a much higher public standard than that of any neighborhood pool you've ever used. Because the United States Public Health department requires all pools to use a much higher chemical level, you may find that colored hair and swimsuits may turn a different shade even with minimal exposure. Oh, and it should go without saying, but don't ingest the pool water. Gross. Outside of the pools, you may have your heart set on bikini-clad women and hunky men to be walking around. Remember the demographic for most cruises are "newly wed" and "nearly dead". You may be a bit surprised that your fellow cruisers are in a completely different demographic than yourself. Use the nightclub to find the single guys and ladies, along with the 'singles activities' planned by the Cruise Staff. Lastly, as the old saying goes, "Wait an hour after eating before you enter the pool." This rings true on cruise ships more than anywhere else. Not only could jumping into the icy pool after hitting up the nearby buffet cause cramping (and drowning), but the ship is at motion, which (as stated below) causes the water in it to be sloshing around. Outside pools are often filled with salt water, in rough seas the water can resonate with the waves and splash out of the pool and onto the deck. If you like whale watching, it is often better on the pool deck than in the sea.