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ESPN, MTV, HBO, CNN, WTBS, WGN, Nickelodeon, Disney, USA, Discovery suite of channels, QVC, Home Shopping Network are just a few

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Q: What are some popular cable TV channels?
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What are some of the most popular cable TV channels in the US?

There are many different cable TV channels that are popular in the United States. Some of the most common channels include ABC, NBC, USA, CBS, and Disney.

What stations does Freeview cable deliver to televisions in the UK?

Freeview cable delivers a multitude of channels in the UK ranging from television channels to radio stations. Some of the channels it offers are BBC and ITV.

Was cable made to stop ads?

The purpose of cable TV is not to eliminate commercial advertisement, but to provide more channels with better reception than you can get by means of a TV antenna. Cable started initially by providing regular broadcast television to areas with poor reception. As cable became more widespread, cable-only channels were added, some commercial-free fee-based ones, and some commercial channels. If you check your cable guide, you will find that MANY of the cable-only channels have commericials.

How does one manage their television channels?

There are a host of cable TV channels that you can order from. Most cable company's have a portal on there cable service which allow you to order channels and movies directly from your TV.

How popular is satellite television compared to cable systems now?

Satellite is improving its channels and the connections are better.

What is some information about Optus TV?

Optus TV is a cable television provider located in Australia. They offer the most popular channels, and the Foxtel technology which can record shows for later enjoyment.

What are some specialty football channels?

There are a few different specialty television channels devoted to football depending on the cable provider you use. On Comcast Xfinity cable, the NFL Network and Redzone are specialty football channels.

Why does my tv get only get certain channels even though the tv is hooked up to cable?

Call your cable company, they control which channels you get.

What channels air the most popular TV specials?

Some channels that air the most popular TV specials are HBO, Show Times, AMC and many more. Some popular shows that these channels broadcast are The Walking Dead, Dexter, Game of Thrones and many more.

Will a DirecTV DVR work on any cable tv?

no why would it it records direct TV channels not cable channels you can get a Comcast cable DVR for only $10 a month

Where can someone find free channels for cable TV?

One can find free channels for cable television by accessing public access television channels. Another option for finding free channels is using the public broadcast channel.

What channels are in Arizona?

There are several television channels in the state of Arizona. Each cable company or satellite company has a different set of channels. To find out your channels, contact your cable provider.

Can you have both cable and Direct TV?

your regular cable channels are on direct tv as well they are just on different channels.. but you automatically get them and more on Direct tv

What channels are available if you don't have cable?

If you don't have the cable , DD national & DD News channels are available. ===== It's possible if you have cable in your home but aren't paying for the service you can connect to cable to the TV, program it to search for channels & it will find your local channels and possible some extra digital channels if your TV is set up for those. I know in my area, when I had no cable service, I was able to get quite a few channels. Granted they were channels that contained programming I wasn't interested in but they were free so, no reason to complain.

What are some examples of Charter cable channels?

Charter communications is a cable company that offers many cable television channels through satellites. It also offers Internet services. Its main customer base is in the central part of the USA.

How do I get a copy of the Cox cable channels in my area?

You can request they send a list or sometime the local TV guidse show cable channels.

Do satellite tv providers offer more channels than cable tv?

The amount of channels you get from either a satellite tv or cable tv provider usually depends on your package. If you get a digital cable set top box it's usually around the same amount of channels as a satellite provider.

Does MySky television have all standard cable channels?

Sky televison is a provider of British television and carries the standard cable channels of Great Britian. They do not carry the standard cable stations for the United States.

What are the most popular cable television companies?

Popular television companies include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse. Popular channels include USA Network, Disney Channel, ESPN, TNT, History and Fox News.

Is satellite TV better in any way when compared to cable?

It is generally cheaper and may offer some sports channels that cable doesn't, but cable tends to be more reliable.

Is it illegal to splice your cable tv?

not for Free Cable (Basic) but for premium channels... Yes

Can a converter box help get channels if you don't have a tv antenna or cable?

No, you need to subscribe to Cable TV.

How do you get Bosnian TV channels?

Check with your TV provider. Usually, Satellite TV has more international channels than Cable TV.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages between cable and satellite TV?

Cable TV is more reliant and less costly. On the other hand, satellite often offers more channels.

Why will your Philips LCD TV 22PFL3505D not show all of your cable channels?

If you have analog Cable, you may need to do a "channel search or auto program" on your TV to find your channels. Go to your TV menu, look for these options. If you have digital cable and have a cable tv receiver, you will need to call your cable company. They may have to send a "re-hit" which basically reprograms your cable box.