What are some questions about DNA?


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Why does it repeat information? How exactly does it replicate? Can we repair damaged DNA.

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Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.Disputed fatherhood is determined by DNA testing not questions.

The discovery of the replication mechanism of DNA answered questions about evolution

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Any DNA made artificially by joining some DNA sequences(DNA) cloned in a vector DNA.

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You have DNA in your cell because you need DNA to be some one and you should have DNA in your nucleus

there are 46 chromosomes in DNA DNA is a double helix

Genes group together to make DNA strands which makes up the genetic make-up of your body. When DNA goes into cell division one of the two strands of DNA breaks off and proteins make new strand on the broken off piece and a new strand is formed on the old strand. Thus resulting in two pairs of DNA. This may answer more DNA questions than gene questions......

Joe Rogan Questions Everything - 2013 Bigfoot DNA 1-1 was released on: USA: 24 July 2013

Some methods that are sequencing DNA is utilizing labeled nucleotides for corporation into a copy of a piece of DNA. The DNA segment to be copied, called the template DNA, is separated into two strands by heating.

DNA is found in the nucleus. However, there is also some DNA is mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Some triplets received dna tests with some interesting results.

I Understand some one copying DNA

some DNA in chromosomes contains of genes.!!

Because it does not express the traits

DNA is DNA, there isn't a live and dead variety. If you mean DNA and RNA or mRNA or some other type, then there you go. =]

Viruses have their own genome which can be made of RNA or DNA, so some do contain DNA.Some viruses, but not all. All viruses have some sort of nucleic acid, whether single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA, single-stranded RNA, or double-stranded RNA.

some of them but not all of your questions.....

your the person you want to be who you choose to be not what your dna is

Some viruses have single stranded DNA molecules. These viruses do not have the machinery to synthesise the DNA on their own. They insert their DNA in a living cell where the DNA synthesis takes place.

DNA contains the genes that determine the traits of an organism. Not all the DNA is in gene form but in what some people call "junk DNA". It has been shown by some that even that is important in the individual.

No, DNA is much smaller. Mitochondria even have some DNA of their own within its membranes.

DNA is double stranded Except in bacteria and some viruses and chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA

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