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There are many questions one should ask their mechanic prior to the mechanic doing any work on their vehicle. One of the top question is the potential cost, length of time the car will be in the shop and the exact repairs being completed.

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2012-08-13 00:01:03
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Q: What are some questions to ask when choosing an auto mechanic?
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What are some auto mechanic schools?

Some credible and affordable auto mechanic schools may be found in your area, as well as online and one popular institute is Universal Technical Institute, and most Technical schools should offer classes in auto mechanic. If you visit or you can search for a nearby auto mechanic school in your state.

What are some good websites that deal with auto repair?

Blend is a good websight for asking your questions about auto repair, Im a 30 year ASE master mechanic So fire away!

What are some cons about being an auto mechanic?

It's a killer on your manicure!

How should I find an auto mechanic in a new town?

We just moved to a new location. I am hearing some grinding noises when I brake. How would I go about finding an auto mechanic?

What are some disadvantages of being a auto mechanic?

Never ending need for special tools.

What does a auto mechanic have to wear to work?

Some wear uniforms, many wear whatever you choose.

What will be better option in choosing a good college or good trade?

Choosing a trade can be a good decision as some jobs don't require college. Jobs like an auto mechanic do not require a four year degree. When obtaining a four year degree, it is wise to do an internship in fields like medical and engineering. Either one can be wise, depending on what you are going into.

Are there any schools online that deals with auto mechanic?

Many of the schools that have vocational type of training usually will have the mechanic side as well. There are also some schools that just deal with training to be a mechanic and there are many to choose from.

What are some good work at home businesses?

Some good and simple work at home business are accounting, telemarketing, crafting, small parts mechanic, bookkeeping, auto mechanic (minor repairs) and woodworking.

What does an auto mechanic do?

An automobile mechanic is someone with the skills and training to maintain and repair an automobile. We will always need some form of transportation that is mechanical, and a good mechanic would be able to transfer their skills if we no longer need cars.

Where can I get problems with my auto transmission diagnosed?

You should ask some of the local people in your area. They will be able to tell you which mechanic are honest and dependable.

Auto mechanic work schedule?

varies on where you work. some auto mechanics work only a few hours and some pull in 80 or more hours a week. It runs along the same lines as some get paid hourly and some only get commission.

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