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Q: What are some skills needed to play pickleball?
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What skills are needed for a career in Finance?

Skills needed for a career in Finance include strong mathematical ability and analysis skills. Some soft skills that are useful include organization skills and communication skills.

Are there some skills needed to be an accountant?

you have to be good at math

What type of skill or regular job?

some types of skills needed for a regular type of job are organization skills, responsibility skills, technology skills and social skills.

What are some skills needed for a obstetricians?

well, two are focus and knowledge

What are the three major skills needed in the 21st century?

There are many important skills needed in the 21st century. Some of these include knowing how to use technology, being able to market yourself, and having people skills.

What are some skills needed for a restaurant?

you need to know how to cook and how to own one

What education and training is needed for butchering?

you need some hair cutting skills

What skills are needed to live?

Probably, a brain, some food, water, and shelter .

Which characteristic is needed for a person riding a bike?

Balancing skills and some level of fitness.

What are required skills to be in the NFL?

Some skills that are required in order to play in the NFL are strength, speed, intelligence and stamina.

Outline any technical skills or other qualifications?

When looking for a job, some of the technical skills that are needed for a computer operator include Microsoft Certification and some technician competencies.

Can bowling be used as therapy?

It could be, depending on the type of therapy needed. There is some dexterity and movement skills.