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What are some slogans for the Grand Canyon?


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What time is it? It's time to go to the Grand Canyon!

Adventure time! Only at the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon, " You won't get off to a rocky start on your memories."

I have to do a brochure on the Grand Canyon and you have to put a slogan in it. These were some of my ideas.


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The El Tovar Hotel and the Grand Canyon Lodge.

there is the grand canyon and the grant canyon.

the grand canyon and grant canyon

The call it the grand canyon because it is a canyon that is grand.

It was named the Grand Canyon because it is truly grand.

Some parts of the Grand Canyon are about 1 mile or 1.6km deep.

The Colorado river runs through the Grand Canyon. There are some minor tributaries of the Colorado and arroyos that dump into the canyon.

No state is in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is in Northwestern Arizona.

Canyon Plaza Quality Inn & Suites - Grand CanyonHighway 64 Grand Canyon, Grand Hotel and Canyon StarHighway 64 Grand Canyon, AZ, 86023,Best Western Grand Canyon Squire InnHighway 64 Grand Canyon, AZ, 86023,

the grand canyon has many fossils rocks and a little river going through it and it is such a beautiful sight to see. the grand canyon is located in Arizona. if you ever get the chance go to the grand canyon. when you see the grand canyon you should look at the bottom and follow the Colorado should also see the grand canyon because as you walk along the rim,you will learn about the grand canyon and some of its features. one feature the grand canyon has is that you can go horseback riding at daytime. the Colorado made the grand canyon because as the grand canyon was forming,the Colorado river was going through a path that it flowed.goodnightthank you for reading the short paragraph about the grand canyon

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon (or Tsangpo Canyon), along the Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet, is regarded by some as the deepest canyon in the world at 5,500 m (18,000 ft). It is slightly longer than the Grand Canyon in the United States.

He explored the Grand Canyon after he abused and rapes some of the Women Natives. It was about 1400 BC.

The grand canyon is in USA in the state of Arizona. The grand canyon is a steep sided canyon that was formed from the Colorado river

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

No, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

The address of the Grand Canyon Community Library is: 208 Navajo Street, Grand Canyon, 86023 M

The Grand Canyon features plenty of cheap hotels nearby. A few, to be brief, include a member of the Holiday Inn string of hotels, the Canyon Plaza Resort and Grand Canyon Inn.

well, there is only one grand canyon and thats in Arizona. The Largest Canyon in the world is the grand canyon.

No. Copper canyon is in Mexico while the Grand canyon is in Arizona.

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