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What are some slogans for the environment?

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  1. A culture is only as healthy as its woods.
  2. Air is nothing but life, if polluted how can we survive
  3. Clean the air, live happily.
  4. Don't be mean Go green
  5. Earth allows you to stand. Let it stand the way it is.
  6. Easier saving paper than planting trees.
  7. Eat, Sleep, Recycle
  8. Embrace the green revolution
  9. Give a hoot. Don't pollute
  10. Give a toot. Don't pollute!
  11. Green revolution the best solution to arrest pollution
  12. Think green and live green

earth earth green every way

The slogan for green earth is G/e

better earth,

better life,

better tomorrow...

love the cause earth earth love us, save the earth ..yes!!save

it cause earth also save us..

Green revolution the best solution to arrest pollution I'm proud to

wear my Earth Day badge

love your mother nature

I give the Earth a hand.

I pick up litter, care for trees,

Recycle what I can.

I'm an Earth Day helper

Each and every day.

I take care of Mother Earth

in oh, so many ways. Keep it clean and green,

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