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Q: What are some special adaptations of a chondrichthyes?
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What are some adaptations for lamb?

Yes there are special adaptations of a sheep.

What are some special adaptations ocelots have for survival?

they have spots which is camoflauge

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What special adaptations do snakes have and how do they use them?

Well some special adaptations a snake has is it begins it's life adaptation with no legs, no ears, and no arms. They slither on there bellies. Snakes also have a special environment adaptation which is they change colors!

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they do

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Do chondrichthyes have bones?

No, chondrichthyes are fish that have skeletons made out of cartilage instead of bone.

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hands and feet

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What is the main difference between Agnathans and Chondrichthyes?

agnathans are jawless fish where as chondrichthyes are known for their jaws