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You need to write your own speech so it will be meaningful to you and your classmates. Talk about what you're going to do as president and why it's important to the school. Talk about how eager you are to help the class by doing these things. Thank everyone who helped you.

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Q: What are some speeches for class president?
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What are some speeches for a class representative for kids?

doing the work wet

What are some things a president has to do?

He has to give speeches and protect the Bill of Rights.

What can a president do to be a president?

they can make commercials they make speeches

What is a professional writer?

some one who writes speeches for the president at public places to make them reach out to the voters.

What activities did Thomas Jefferson do as president?

He wrote many speeches. He was the third president

Who writes Obama's speeches?

All presidents have at least one speechwriter. Some presidents write more of their own speeches than others.

Did President Harding write his own speeches?


What president did John Steinbeck help to write speeches?

John Steinbeck helped President Lyndon B. Johnson write speeches addressing civil rights and poverty.

What does the president's speech writer do?

umm...maybe he writes his speeches... Because some people are best persuaded through emotion

Has President Obama used military quotes in any of his speeches to date?

Yes, President Obama has used military quotes in many speeches including his 2011 State of the Union Speech and in many smaller speeches during campaigning tours.

Who writes the current US President speeches?

During his time as a senator, the current US president Barrack Obama would write his own speeches. When he became president, they were written by Jon Favreau.

Who was the last president to write his own speeches?

The last president to extensively write his own speeches was Jimmy Carter. He was known for his hands-on approach to speechwriting and wrote many of his own speeches during his presidency from 1977 to 1981.