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Q: What are some tactile objects appealing to senses?
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What does it mean when a guy tell you he thinks your beautiful?

It means he thinks you are physically or otherwise appealing to his senses in some way.

Can moles hear well?

Moles can hear, some such as the Missouri mole can hear quite well, but they are much better adapted to sensing vibration when they are underground. There tactile senses more than make up for other sense. -Training to be an exotic animal vet

Your son has anger problems strong smell texture senses is this signs for asd?

there are many signs and those would be some worth looking into. Anger is not usually a symptom of Aspergers. However, frustration from the many symptoms, such as sensory integration and tactile problems, can certainly lead to anger if left unchecked.

What are some words end with the suffix ile?

Tactile, fragile, tensile, fertile, sterile.

What are some words starting with a that describe apples?


What are some adjectives for candy start with latter a?

· appealing · appetizing

How much mass is in an object?

Some objects have more mass, some have less.Some objects have more mass, some have less.Some objects have more mass, some have less.Some objects have more mass, some have less.

What are the five senses of human beings?

The five senses : * Taste - lets you taste your food (helps determine edibility or safety of consumed food) * Smell- detects the presence of food, or dangerous substances, or other animals or people * Hearing (and speech) - detects nearby animals or objects, and allows verbal communication * Touch - determines the characteristics of an object, allows grasping tools, and controlling physical motions * Sight - observes the vicinity's objects and places, and to some extent characteristics and distance

What are some objects that have a lot of it?

what are some objects that have a lot of friction

Why are some objects are faster than the others?

some objects faster than the others because its due to the movement of the earth.... hahah joke lang :))

Do all people have all the senses?

No, all people do not have all senses. If you are blind you have only 4 senses if you are deaf as well you only have 3. Some unfortunate people have none.

What are some adjectives that describe a delicious drink and begin with the letter A?