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Some organisms have algae living symbiotically inside them such as Parmecium bursaria and coral.

Many food products contain materials derived from algae such as carrageenan, beta carotene, agar, and alginate. These chemicals are commonly used in ice cream, beer, toothpaste, gel candies, shampoo, soy milk, pet foods, and a gamut of other products.

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Q: What are some things that have algae in them?
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What are some things you get from the oceans?

Some things that we get from the oceans are algae, table salt, fishes, sand. pearls etc.

What does flamingo eat?

Flamingos eat several different things. Some things they eat are brine shrimp, small insects, fish, red algae, and green algae.

Some living things in the river?

fish, algae, tadpoles, crawfish

What are things that eat algae?

Algae eaters or "glass suckers"

What things contain red algae?

Some foods that contain red algae include ice cream, yogurt, frosting, cream soup, and sherbet.

What are some things in the ocean that begin with the letter A?


Do algae have rhizoids?

some algae, not all.

Green algae often differ from land plants in that some green algae?

Some green algae are unicellular

Do plankton eat algae?

Some plankton do eat algae. Phytoplankton are a form of algae, and some zooplankton are consumers of phytoplankton.

Are there some many celled algae?

Many but not all algae is multicellular.

What are different types of algae?

Some of the types of algae are staghorn algae, black brush or beard algae, green spot algae, and green thread hair algae. Other types of algae are green water algae, and black green algae.

Do ducks eat plankton?

Ducks will eat plankton and algae but prefer other things. Some of the things they eat are bread, fish, crayfish and berries.

What are three facts about algae?

Algae produces more than 71% of the earth's oxygen. Some types of algae can live in snow. Some types of algae can live in boiling water.

Do all fishes in pond eat algae?

No because some other fish eat different things in a pond.

What are the colors of algae?

Green is the color of algae........ some algae are green, Red, Brown, or Golden Brown

Is a algae a plant?

algae is not a plant. Algae is in its own kingdom called Protista. This is because Algae has some cells that are completely different from the ones of plants.

Can fish eat algae?

There are some fish species that only eat algae, there are others that will eat a bit of algae, and there are others who will not eat algae at all.

What chemical do algae release?

Some algae can produce toxins.

Do dolphins eat algae?

Yes some will eat algae and seaweed.

What are some foods that contain algae?

Brownie mix(red,brown algae) , cheese(green algae), coffee creamer(Red,green algae) , evaporated milk(Red algae), Ice cream(Red,green algae)

How do you kill algae in a small goldfish pond?

You should really get a algae eater. Some of the alge killers are harmful to the fish. it really depends on what type of algae. if its green water algae then use and algicide which you can purchase from aquariums. if it's filament algae then get some snail or algae eating fish. the quickest solution is to scrap the algae off yourself.

Is algae multi celled?

Some are multi celled, but some are uni celled. Some algae are groups of unicelled organisms living together in clusters.

Is some algae necessary in a healthy pond?

Yes, it is because without any algae some living animals in the pond would die. Algae can be food for some creatures in the pond. If your pond is just for admiring and not for living creatures, no, it isn't because the algae will take over the pond and no living creature is in it to eat the algae.

Is red algae dangerous?

No red algae are not dangerous. Some of the red algae provide food and shelter to the marine life.

Which branch of botany deals with algae?

Phycology is the study of algae. Some engineers look at algae as a source of biomass for fuel. Amazingly there are over 2,000 types of algae.