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Swing your arms in big motions

Lift your knees up higher x

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What are tips for fastest sprinter?

run faster than your competitions

Any tips on how to run a 5k faster?

The most important thing would be to practice practice practice. The longer and more you run the faster you will become.

Who runs faster a boy or a girl?

Some girls run faster than boys and some boys run faster than girls

What are some easier and faster tips to be used in academic coursework?


Can men run faster then cats?

some can run faster depending on the distance and type of cat

What are some ways to make a computer run faster?

Some ways to make a computer run faster is to defragment the computer and to use file paging. Another method of making a computer run faster is to limit the number of programs that run on start up.

How do you run faster in counter strike?

Switch to a knife and you should fun faster. Also, some people say that the scout makes you run faster than the knife.

Does a dog run faster than a tiger?

No. Depends on which breed of dog you mean. Some breeds can run faster. especially a greyhound for instance.

Do cheetahs run faster than fastest bird?

No! cheetahs run faster than some birds but the fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon and it's much faster than the fastest cheetah in the world.

How do you run 100m faster?

How do you run 100m faster?

How do you train to sprint faster piz giv me a real answer?

Here is a site that gives a bunch of tips of sprinting faster:

What is the adverb in I can run faster than you?

Faster is the answer you are looking for.

Which dog can run faster a Pug or a Boxer?

A boxer can run faster because of it's long legs but some boxer's can not run very far because they will overwork their heart. Hope this helped!

Which animal is faster than a cheetah?

Some birds, like the peregrine falcon, can fly faster than a cheetah can run, but no land animal is faster that it.

Can anyone provide tips on how to run a marathon? this site they provide 26 tips for running a marathon, check them out for the best tips on how to run, breathing etc. Hope they really give you the tips you want.

I can run faster than you?

Most likely

Do horses run faster than other animals?

Horses are faster than some animals but not all other animals.

How do you get my barrel horse to run faster?

slap its behind then it will run faster or feed it more or sell it for a faster one

Why will your heart beat faster after you run?

Your heart will beat faster because when you run you are forcing your heart to work faster

Can some women athletes run faster than men athletes?


Can you run faster than a volcano?

no one can run faster than a volcano couse a volcano cant run..:)

How do you run faster than a Ninja?

You would need to be as agile as and faster than a Ninja to run faster than one.

Do your legs get longer as you run faster?

Your stride tends to get longer as you run faster, but, no, your legs do not.

Do jaguars run faster than cheetahs?

No jaguars do NOT run faster than cheetahs.

How fast can the average wolf run?

50 to 60 miles per hour,some wolves can run even faster.