Running and Jogging

Running is a form of exercise where your primary physical action is moving at a brisk rate of speed on foot. Its origins began when early humans did this as a form of hunting for long distances. It later was introduced as a sport in ancient sporting events and religious festivals.

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Running and Jogging

How many miles in a 30K run?

A 30K run is the equivalent to 18.6411 miles

Running and Jogging

What speed is a 16 minute mile?

3.75 mph

Running and Jogging

Why do long distance runners eat starchy foods?

To release the energy in a much quicker and faster way, so that it would help them to perform consistently.

Running and Jogging

How many calories you burn in one hour jogging?

400 to 600 calories sometimes more

Running and Jogging

What is a stride-out in running?

faster than a run or a jog but not quite a sprint

Running and Jogging

Can jogging cause a miscarriage?

No, jogging, working, or any kind of normal exercise activities do not cause miscarriages in normal pregnancy. Neither does moderly heavy lifting. Exercise is good for pregnant women, when tailored to the point in the term and proper clothing and support is used.

Running and Jogging

Is free running in florence Italy illegal?

No it is not. Free running is illegal only if done in someone Else's private property.

Running and Jogging

Is jogging on concrete or roads bad for you?

Nope.jogging on concrete or roads is fine for you.It may hurt some people but its not proven that its bad for you.None of the marathon runners are crippeld because of running on concreat so we should be fine:)

Running and Jogging

Why can't humans run fast?

Because our bodies aren't built capable of running as fast as, let's say... a cheetah. Cheetah's bodies are formed in a way to make it easier to run faster.

Running and Jogging

Who is the girl in the blue jogging suite in the new metamucil commercial?

Suzi Barrett

Running and Jogging

How many calories burned jogging?

The number of calories burned jogging will depend on such variables as your body weight, your pace, your degree of fitness, the distant covered, and where you are jogging - flat ground or incline, rough ground or smooth ground.

However, cardio exercise when done correctly is excellent for burning calories. For information about how to do cardio exercise correctly, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.


Running and Jogging

How long to walk a 1 mile walk in minutes and seconds?

It would obviously depend on how fast you're walking - but say about 20 minutes.

Running and Jogging

How do you begin a jogging schedule?

== First you have to know if you prefer to jog alone or prefer a friend with you. Then you have to decide if you enjoy a morning, afternoon or early evening jog and be sure your friend can fit the time into their schedule. By having a friend jog with you it forces you not to miss one day without jogging. I love to jog on the beach and smell the salt air, while others enjoy joking through parks, by rivers or through woods. It's best to have a friend go along to be safe. NEVER wear head phones while joking and always be aware of what and who is around you. If you wear head phones you can't hear anyone coming up behind you whether they intend on hurting you or not. Often when I jog I take my dogs, but on occasion will jog with a friend. At the end of the jog we always looked forward to going to an nice outdoor cafe for a cool green tea drink and just gabbing. I have since come to the conclusion that jogging isn't the best exercise and the body weight on the legs and feet can do more injury than harm, so I have decided to go back to swimming. When I use to go swimming I had better muscle tone and kept my weight down, while keeping my heart rate up. Walk before you run. My track coach told me when I asked him on how to run long distances, he suggested to take it slow. Walk 50 steps, run 50 steps for a determined distance. The next time out, walk 49 steps run 51 steps. The next time walk 48, run 52. You get the picture. I was running continously in about 20 days. Just remember to stretch before you begin any excercise for at least 5 minutes, and the same afterwards until you get used to it. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and this will stop muscle cramps that running sometimes cause. Make sure you wear the proper shoes, with proper arch support as well. Biking is better, it doesnt do the harmful impact that running does. Running is hard on the joints, especially the knees, hip joints and ankles. Wear non constricting clothes and be prepared for blisters the first few times out. Good luck on your new endeavor!

Running and Jogging

What are wind sprints?

Wind sprints as I understand them are athletic drills where the athlete must run as fast as he or she can between two set points, returning back and forth between those set points, until a set number or the coach or supervisor signals a stop. The one hundred eighty degree turn at the line or cone or other delineation may, at the discretion of the coach, incorporate another task such as touching a marker or executing some push ups, sport specific movements, jumps, mountain climbers, pull-ups, etc.

In sports with a court, such as basketball, lines on the court are often the set points. Athletes may be required to sprint to the half court and back and then the full court and back. In field sports, coaches who seek to develop both aerobic and anaerobic endurance in the athletes will sometimes have athletes sprint to one line, marker, and cone, then jog back, then sprint again. There may be some flexibility in the definition of the term depending on the sport or training system. You may wish to clarify further with your trainer.

Running and Jogging

Is jogging or running or speed walking better for improving stamina?

1. Basic Sprints

Set 2 cones out 10-20 meters apart. Sprint from one cone to the next and slowly jog back to the start. Vary the start of the sprint to make the drill more sport specific.

2. Rolling Start

Exactly the same as above except you jog for 10 meters before sprinting. This drill is specifically designed to enhance acceleration rather than speed off the mark. Try running backwards or side stepping as well.

3. Up Hill Sprints

In competition the first few strides are crucial. Running up a slight hill (about 30 degrees) helps to develop power and acceleration. Keep the distances short (10-15 meters) and allow extra rest between sets and reps.

An alternative to uphill running is a resistance parachute. Resistance chutes are one of the most popular and effective training aids for sprinters. If it's adjustable it can be used to develop power for sprint trainers or even long distance runners.

4. Down Hill Sprints (Over speed training)

Down hill speed and agility drills help to develop leg speed and co-ordination. This is sometimes referred to as over-speed training. Keep the distance short (10-15 meters) and make sure the hill is only slight.

Running and Jogging

What is the effect of jogging in body?

It is a good way to exercise to burn calories and keep weight off. It is a good workout for the cardiovascular system. It strengthens muscles, especially the legs.

On the bad side, it can cause excess wear and tear on the joints and over many years, can lead to joint damage.

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Running and Jogging

How long does it take to run 15 miles?

To professional male runners in the world - it takes something like 69-72 minutes (1:09-1:12 hours); and to professional female runners it takes like 77-83 mintes (1:17-1:23 hours).

If you are arunner that run only for fun, every result under 2 hours is good.

If you are a -little-bit competitive runner, a result of under 1:30 hours (for male) of under 1:50 hours (for female) is good.

and if you are an olympic runner - ask your coach about it, why do you ask me!?

Running and Jogging

Does jogging make your butt bigger?

Depending on your weight when starting out, in some cases yes. If you are on the heavier side your buttocks is most likely to slim down opposed to a person who is already lean, running is a great fat burner and muscle toner so it works in that order, it burns fat then tones muscle so a skinny person who has no fat goes straight to the MUSCLE toning step, get it? I've been running for over a year now if your interested in running it does wonders!

Running and Jogging

What muscles are used while jogging?

the answer is crap == Calfs, hamstrings, thighs, butt, and your arms (because you swing them).

Running and Jogging

What is better for burning belly fat... jogging or climbing stairs?

Climbing stairs

Running and Jogging

Best things to do before jogging?

Eat bannana's, their extremely good for preventing cramps, and are a good source of energy. also, try to eat anything with carbohydrates in, for example pasta. pasta is recommended because it takes 5mins to cook and then a couple mins to eat. make sure you have the pasta atleast 2-3 hours before you wish to jog, this is because the pasta needs time to digest and turn into gloucost which is stored energy so you will be able to jog longer. And pretty obvious, a gentle stretch just to help losern the muscles. Finally, yet most important, TAKE WATER! water will keep you hydrated and belive me you will feel the benefits if you drink it.

Running and Jogging

Average jogging speed of average people?

The consensus seems to be that the average jogging speed is around 9-10 km/h or around 6 mp/h. From 8 mp/h or 12,8 km/h upwards people tend to speak of running.

Running and Jogging

What is the fastest kilometer run?

Outdoor Men -- Noah Ngeny (KEN), 2:11.96, 9/5/1999

in Rieti, Italy

Indoor Men -- Wilson Kipketer (DEN), 2:14.96, 2/20/2000

in Birmingham, Great Britain Outdoor Women -- Svetlana Masterkova (RUS), 2:28.98, 8/23/1996

in Brussels, Belgium

Indoor Women -- Maria de Lurdes Mutola (MOZ), 2:30.94, 2/25/1999

in Stockholm, Sweden -------Source: USATF

Running and Jogging

If you start jogging do you lose stomach fat?


Running and Jogging

Can jogging reduce belly fat and reduce your butt size?

The most effective way to lose weight is to use your major muscle systems. So yes you will lose body fat and therefore tummy and bum :) there are more effective exercises for these muscles but jogging is simple and fun.


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