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How do you make an alien baby on the sims 2?

Shift click on the sims u would like pregnant and hopefully some things will pop up. Then find make me alien pregnant! Voila your done I hope i help :)

How do you know when you are pregnant if you haven't done the test?

You dont, some people just know!

How do you find out some Facebook user's ip if im his friend?

you can use a phisher or a keylogger but im not goin to tell you how... look it up haha

I have been trying to conceive for 4years and i haven't got pregnant why?

There could be many reasons you are not conceiving, you will not find out what they are unless you see a doctor to have some testing done to see what the problem may be.

Could I be pregnant if I am having a cycle?

If you had sex yes you could be pregnant. A normal period is generally a sign that you are not pregnant but some women have periods throughout. Have a test done if you have any questions?

Who hack the PS3?

There still trying to find out who done it but i know that some asians done it

Do pregnant women get tested for hiv?

No For some reason that is considered an invasion of privacy and can only be done voluntarily.

What are some of the Backstreet boy's songs?

We've Got It Goin' On

Can you take an ultrasound to find out you pregnant?

yes,some women have too wait before until the ultrasoud show that they are pregnant

Can you find out that your pregnant in ten days?

Yes you can find out as early as five days after the conception with some tests.

Can you be pregnant and your tubes are tied?

It is possible but not right after you had them done it does take some yeaes deoending on ur body and all

Bloating sore breasts sore back dizziness and back pain and believe im pregnant but have had a light period Could you still be pregnant?

of course you could be but you need to get a test done to be more sure. some women have light bleding when they first become pregnant .have a test done ,good luck

Could you still be pregnant if you have had a moderate flow of bleeding with some clots periodically for about a week?

it is possible to have a period while pregnant, but i would say get a pregnancy test done if you are unsure.

If you have a cheesy scent to your vagina can be pregnant?

You should go have some testing done - it sounds as though you may have an infection or STD.

How do you know if your infertil?

you can go to a clinic and get some tests done or you can tell if you repeatedly have sex without a condom but don't get pregnant.

If im having your period and you have some pains like im pregnant can you stil take a test would it work?

If YOUR having MY period, and I'M having some pains like YOUR pregnant, then WE BOTH BETTER HAVE SOME TESTS DONE because there are some mysterious happenings going on!

What are some songs that remind you of your crush who moved away?

Goin' crazy by Natalie

Is the size of a killer whale considered one of its characteristics?

you can figure it out im goin to go eat some freid chicken then go makeout. you can figure it out im goin to go eat some freid chicken then go makeout.

What does it mean when you dream of dead fish?

When you dream about fish or "dead" fish it could be mean that some one close to you is pregnant or is going to find out that they are pregnant soon.

How did the Islamic religion spread?

it starded with some guys goin round and spreading it then it went on and on

On what ps2 games can The Sims get pregnant?

you can on sims platinum and sims bustin out but these games you kiss 2 or 3 times and you have a baby. but on sims 2 some people say you can be pregnant but you have to find different ways to get pregnant

Can your first yeast infection ever be a sign of pregnancy?

For some women, that is the first indication that they are pregnant. Unfortunately, you will need to wait until you miss your period to find out of that is true or not. You will want to contact your OBs office and find out what to do to treat it since there could be a chance you are pregnant.AnswerSome pregnant women are more prone to yeast infections but this in itself isn't a indication of pregnancy.

Where can you find William Arms Fisher Lyrics of Going Home?

We think you're referring to "Goin' Hum c," from the Largo (2nd Movement of Dvorak Bs Symphony No. 9, "From the New World" (1893). William Ames Fisher wrote the text in 1922. We haven't been able to locate a recording of it, but we did find the words. GOIN' HOME Goin' home, goin' home. I'm a gain' home; Quiet like, some still day. I'm goin' home. It's not far, jes' close by, through an open door; Work all done, care laid by, going to fear no more. Mother's there, 'spec-tin' me,Father's within' too; Lots of folk gathered there, all the friends I knew. Nothin's lost, all is gain. no more fret or pain, No more stumblin' on the war, no ',lore longin' for the day (Goin' to roam no more. Morning star lights the war. restless dreams all done; Shadows gone, break o day, real life jes' begun. There's no break, ain' t no end, jes' a living on: Wick auyike, with a smile. gain' on and on. (Repeat first verse) Write to 'Ask Anne & Nan at P.O. Box 240, Hartland, VT05048. Questions of a general interest will appear in the column.

If your girl friend got pregnant then what will you do?

Make sure you have a job and take care of the kid. If you're underage, get some help on the matter. what's done is done and you'll have to figure ways in which you can care for the child!

Why do so many teens become pregnant?

some teens decide too get pregnant at there age,because maybe they have a hard life...or some just think there ready when they are not.... some teens listen to their friend if they are sexually active and say that it feels great but most of the time when you find out you pregnant the don't feel as good.