What are some words that end with ness?

Some words that end with ness;

seven (7) letter word:

aptness. badness. bigness. coyness. dimness. dryness. dueness. dulness. dunness. farness. fatness. fewness. feyness. fitness. fulness. gayness. harness. hipness. hotness. iciness. illness. laxness. lioness. lowness. madness. newness. nowness. oddness. oldness. oneness. patness. rawness. redness. sadness. shyness. slyness. waeness. wanness. wetness. witness. woeness. wryness.

eight (8) letter word:

achiness. acidness. agedness. airiness. archness. aridness. artiness. ashiness. avidness. awayness. baldness. bareness. baroness. baseness. bassness. biasness. blueness. boldness. boniness. boxiness. business. busyness. caginess. calmness. canoness. chicness. coldness. coolness. cosiness. coziness. curtness. cuteness. daftness. dampness. dankness. darkness. deadness. deafness. dearness. deepness. deftness. demoness. dewiness. direness. doneness. dopiness. dourness. doziness. drabness. dullness. dumbness. easiness. edginess. eeriness. evenness. evilness. eyedness. fairness. fastness. fellness. fineness. firmness. flatness. fondness. foulness. foxiness. foziness. freeness. fullness. gameness. gaminess. gastness. gladness. glegness. glibness. glumness. goneness. goodness. goriness. grayness. greyness. grimness. haleness. halfness. hardness. haziness. highness. hokiness. holiness. hominess. hugeness. ickiness. idleness. iffiness. inkiness. ironness. jokiness. justness. keenness. kindness. laciness. lameness. lankness. lateness. laziness. leanness. lewdness. likeness. liminess. limpness. liveness. loginess. loneness. longness. lornness. lostness. loudness. lushness. maleness. matiness. maziness. meanness. meekness. meetness. mildness. miriness. muchness. muteness. nearness. neatness. niceness. nighness. nosiness. nudeness. numbness. oiliness. ooziness. openness. ovalness. packness. paleness. pastness. pertness. pinkness. pipiness. pixiness. pokiness. poorness. poshness. primness. puniness. pureness. raciness. rankness. raptness. rareness. rashness. realness. richness. rifeness. riminess. ripeness. ropiness. rosiness. rudeness. safeness. sageness. saltness. sameness. saneness. selfness. sexiness. sickness. siziness. skewness. slimness. slowness. smugness. snubness. snugness. softness. soleness. soreness. sourness. spryness. suchness. sureness. tallness. tameness. tartness. tautness. thinness. tidiness. tininess. titaness. trigness. trimness. trueness. ugliness. vainness. vastness. vileness. voidness. wariness. warmness. waviness. waxiness. weakness. wellness. whatness. wideness. wildness. wiliness. wiriness. wiseness. wornness. zaniness.

nine (9) letter word:

acridness. acuteness. adeptness. adultness. alertness. alienness. alikeness. aliveness. aloneness. aloofness. ampleness. angriness. apartness. apishness. askewness. awareness. awfulness. bagginess. balkiness. balminess. battiness. bawdiness. blackness. blandness. blankness. bleakness. blindness. bluffness. bluntness. bossiness. brashness. briefness. brininess. briskness. broadness. bulkiness. bumpiness. burliness. bushiness. buxomness. cageyness. campiness. canniness. cattiness. chariness. cheapness. chillness. cleanness. clearness. closeness. cockiness. corkiness. corniness. crassness. craziness. crispness. crossness. crudeness. cruelness. curliness. dailiness. datedness. dazedness. deaconess. denseness. dinginess. dirtiness. dizziness. dodginess. dottiness. dowdiness. drollness. dumpiness. duskiness. dustiness. dwarfness. eagerness. earliness. emptiness. erectness. exactness. faintness. falseness. fanciness. fattiness. fetidness. fieriness. filminess. fixedness. flakiness. fleetness. fluidness. flushness. foaminess. fogginess. frailness. frankness. freshness. funkiness. funniness. fussiness. fustiness. fuzziness. gassiness. gaudiness. gauntness. gawkiness. giddiness. godliness. gooeyness. goofiness. governess. grandness. grapiness. graveness. greatness. greenness. griminess. grossness. gruffness. gumminess. gushiness. gustiness. gutsiness. hairiness. hamminess. handiness. happiness. hardiness. harshness. hastiness. headiness. heaviness. heftiness. hippiness. hoariness. hokeyness. homeyness. horniness. horsiness. huffiness. humanness. huskiness. inaneness. inaptness. ineptness. inertness. inverness. irateness. itchiness. jadedness. jazziness. jerkiness. jolliness. juiciness. jumpiness. kinkiness. kookiness. lankiness. largeness. larkiness. leakiness. legginess. levelness. lightness. litheness. lividness. loathness. loftiness. looniness. looseness. lousiness. lowliness. lucidness. luckiness. lumpiness. luridness. lustiness. manginess. manliness. mateyness. meatiness. merriness. messiness. milkiness. mistiness. moistness. moldiness. moodiness. mousiness. muddiness. mugginess. murkiness. mushiness. muskiness. mussiness. mustiness. muzziness. naiveness. nakedness. nastiness. nattiness. neediness. nerviness. newsiness. nippiness. nobleness. noisiness. notedness. nuttiness. otherness. overtness. pastiness. patroness. peppiness. perkiness. pettiness. phoniness. piousness. pithiness. plainness. plumpness. plushness. primeness. proneness. prosiness. pudginess. puffiness. pulpiness. punkiness. pursiness. pushiness. pythoness. queerness. quickness. quietness. rabidness. ranginess. rapidness. readiness. reediness. rightness. rigidness. riskiness. ritziness. rockiness. roominess. roughness. roundness. rowdiness. ruddiness. runtiness. rustiness. saltiness. sandiness. sappiness. sauciness. scaliness. scantness. seaminess. seediness. shadiness. shakiness. sharpness. sheerness. shininess. shortness. showiness. sidedness. silkiness. silliness. slackness. sleekness. slickness. sliminess. smallness. smartness. smokiness. snideness. snowiness. soapiness. soberness. sogginess. solidness. sootiness. soppiness. sorriness. soundness. spareness. spiciness. spikiness. spininess. squatness. staginess. staidness. staleness. starkness. steepness. sternness. stiffness. stillness. stoniness. stoutness. suaveness. sulkiness. sultaness. sunniness. surliness. swartness. sweetness. swiftness. tacitness. tackiness. talkiness. tardiness. tastiness. tattiness. tawniness. tenseness. tepidness. terseness. testiness. thickness. thingness. tightness. timidness. tinniness. tipsiness. tiredness. toughness. triteness. unaptness. unfitness. unharness. usualness. vagueness. vapidness. vividness. wackiness. weariness. weediness. weirdness. whiteness. wholeness. wimpiness. windiness. wispiness. wittiness. woodiness. wooziness. wordiness. wrongness. youngness.