What are study skills?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Many people feel the hours of study are the most important. However, students can study for hours on end and retain very little. The more appropriate question is, "how can students study more effectively?" Some issues students must consider are as follows.

  • Students need to develop good time management skills. They must realize there is a time to be in class, a time for study, time for family, time to socialize, and time to just be alone. The critical issue is recognition that there must be an appropriate balance.
  • Students should acquire a vision; A clearly articulate picture of the future they intend to create for them selves. This will promote a passion for what they wish to do. Passion is critical and leads to an intense interest, dedication, and commitment to achieving career goals and objectives.
  • The student must choose the best study schedule, a time they feel is comfortable, and in a place where there is little distraction.
  • The student must take notes on the subject matter and rehearse them frequently.
  • Students should not study hours on end. One should study 30 to 45 minutes then take a short break. Eat a snack, have a cup of coffee, play with the dog, etc., then return to study. This refreshes the mind, and often issues that may have been confusing before, become suddenly clear.
  • The student must develop good critical thinking skills, taking everything into consideration particular to the subject matter.
  • Students must not be afraid to ask for help when they have a problem understanding the subject matter. They need to do it immediately and not after days have gone by. They should not feel apprehensive to ask a faculty member, a friend, or go to the academic learning center at the school.

Thus, it is not so much a question of hard study, but how to study in smart fashion. The bottom line is that the student must take responsibility and ownership over their study habits.

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A study skill is a way to organize and take in new information via learning. There are innumerable strategies that exist since every person learns at a different pace and in a different way.

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Q: What are study skills?
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