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Nausea, constant hunger even after you've just eaten, weird stomach feelings (especially at night), weakness, and weight loss. ---

Symptoms can be digestive problems, weight loss, lack of energy, or anemia.

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Q: What are symptoms of a tapeworm?
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Symptoms of tapeworm?

The symptoms of the tapeworm include Nausea,weakness,abdominal pain,diarrhea,Neurological symptoms,including seizures.

What are the symptoms of humans and tapeworm?

humans and tapeworms. What are the symptoms?

What is the symptoms of neurocysticercosis in dogs?

Neurocysticerocisis is a parasite tapeworm in the brain. Some symptoms are anemia and loss of appetite. You will need to have the dogs seen by a vet.

Do you have to have surgery when you have a tape worm?

Not really, doctors can prescribe their patients with medication and that'll solve their tapeworm problem, the only reason why you'll need surgery to remove the tapeworm depends on its location and symptoms.

What effects do tapeworms have on humans?

Besides giving people the "creeps" tapeworms rob the body of essential nutrients. People may complain of weird tummy sensations/pains, nervous symptoms and lack of energy. Some larvae migrate to the brain and depending on where they settle...the symptoms will vary. The worms can cause obstruction in the intestines. Mostly depends on the types of tapeworm infestation and the amount of critters in the invasion. You can find exact symptoms and signs of having tapeworms by looking in parasitology books. You can also look up beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata), pork tapeworm (Taenia solium) and mouse tapeworm (Hymenolepsis nana).

What are the characteristics of tapeworm diseases?

Mild gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea or abdominal pain, can occur in infected individuals. In rare cases where the tapeworm segments migrate into the appendix, pancreas, or bile duct, there may be a sudden onset of.

What do you call a tapeworm in a dog?

A tapeworm in a dog is called the same thing, a tapeworm. The most common kind of tapeworm found in dogs is the Dipylidium Caninum, which is the cucumber tapeworm or double-pore tapeworm.

What are the symptoms of tapeworm infection?

Infection with adult tapeworms often causes no symptoms, however, some patients may experience diarrhea , abdominal pain, anemia, and/or vitamin B12 deficiency.

Is the tapeworm lethal?

The tapeworm can become lethal if it spreads to the lungs or the brain. When in the brain it can cause seizures. If the tapeworm lines the intestines it can cause bacterial infections and cysts that form throughout the body. Symptoms may not appear for quite some time if at all though. So make sure if you have a cat or dog to get them checked every 3-6 months.

What is the tapeworm in cats?

a tapeworm is a parasite, BAD!

What kingdom is the tapeworm in?

The tapeworm is in the animilia kingdom 

Is a tapeworm an organism?

Yes, a tapeworm is an organism.

How long does it take for tapeworm symptoms to show?

In dogs it takes about 3 weeks from ingestion of the infected flea for the egg sacs to show in the feces.

Can humans get tapeworm?

Humans get tapeworm by not washing their hands after using the restroom or touching germy things, or others who have tapeworm. Tapeworm IS contagious.

Where and how can you become infected by tapeworm?

If you go into the water infested with tapeworms then the tapeworm can climb up your anus. If a woman is infected with tapeworm and the tapeworm hasn't gone into her intestines yet then the tapeworm might climb up your testicles if you have anal sex.

Is a tapeworm an arthropod?

Cestoda is the actual classification of a tapeworm.

Is tapeworm a bacteria or a virus?

tapeworm is not a virus but a parasite

What is one type of tapeworm?

dwarf tapeworm is one

Which is a parasite a sponge a tapeworm a planarian or a jellyfish?

A tapeworm.

What is a hard lump about 12 inches from your right ear?

Could be lymphoma,go to the lymphoma symptoms website.Dont warry,it's not a tapeworm, or a brain tumor.

What is tapeworm?

A tapeworm is a parasite that grows and lives inside of your intestines.

What kingdom is a tapeworm in?

The tapeworm is in kingdom Animalia

When did Tapeworm Railroad end?

Tapeworm Railroad ended in 1839.

When was Tapeworm Railroad created?

Tapeworm Railroad was created in 1838.

What cells are a tapeworm made of?

The tapeworm is made of animal cells.