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The symptoms are: if you are a normal person, you begin having nervous attacks, where you yell at your p-a spouse who is smirking at you. You feel like going crazy because of his behavior: he promises whatever needs to be said and does nothing. You get sick of his continuous excuses and begin feeling abused and exploited. You get confused and begin thinking that your duty in this marriage is to do the work of two while he diddles around and does nothing. Youy get guilt attacks when he pouts, and you promise him you will not bother him again with stupid things as taking out the trash. You cry in unstopabble waves watching silly movies where hubby is attentive and kind to her. The indicators of you being under a relentless passive aggressive attack are not physical, so don't bother going to the physician. Get a psychiatrist and begin talking about emotional abuse with him.

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Q: What are symptoms of passive-aggressive abuse?
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Child abuse.

Can abuse start after 3 years and if only two or three small symptoms are there is it abuse?

YES a few symptoms is just the start it will only get much much worse

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Some signs and symptoms that one can observe in a case of barbiturate abuse would be drowsiness, slurred speech, and confusion. The signs and symptoms vary depending on amount consumed.

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Disease Model

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One symptom is sexual weakness in men.

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Drinking alcohol in moderation has no "symptoms." However, there can be symptoms of alcohol abuse. The include health, social, economic and other problems.

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Some symptoms of alcohol abuse are repeatedly neglecting responsibilities at home, school or work because of your drinking, using alcohol in situations were it is physically dangerous and drinking as a way to relax.

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the initial symptoms of stimulant include but are not limited to: dry mouth, nausea, raised blood pressure, restlessness, potential for chain smoking, loss of appetite, etc the long term symptoms of stimulant abuse include but are not limited to: rapid weight loss, heart palpatations, psychosis, and DEATH hahaha

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See :- Withdrawal symptoms are the same as any other opiates, frightening and painful.

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child abuse that is caused by a 'disease', often a mental illness, with signs and symptoms. Beliefs that this can be prevented and cured. Hope this helped!!

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Long term symptoms of stress reaction can be varied. They can include depression, sleep disorder, weight loss or gain, irritability and substance abuse. Symptoms are as varied as the individuals involved in the stressors.

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ask your parents to help you find a mental institution

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Some of the possible symptoms include loss of self-esteem, sleep disturbances, headaches or stomach aches, school avoidance, and running away from home.

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Signs and symptoms of emotional abuse include, Name calling, Yelling, Insulting the person, Threatening the person or threatening to take away something that is important to them,Imitating or mocking the person,Swearing at them. Physical abuse includes fighting, beating or body harm.

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Drug abuse is you can't get enough of that substance. The physiological characteristics vary, but some for withdrawl symptoms for amphetamines are uneasiness, depression, headaches, and a few more.