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Anything that is ingeniousness to planet Earth would be considered terrestrial, everything else would be considered extraterrestrial.

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What are the characteristics of terrestrial environment?

There are many characteristics of terrestrial environment. The characteristics include expansive temperature fluctuations, less atmosphere, and more aquatic life.

Describe general characteristics and location of the terrestrial planets?

the sun

What is Mercury PLANET characteristics?

Mercury is the smallest terrestrial planet, closest to sun

What characteristics do all four terrestrial planets have in common?

iron-nickel core

What factors influence the characteristics and distribution of life in a terrestrial biome?

temperture and precipititation

What characteristics allowed reptiles to become completely terrestrial?

Because the amniotic egg.

What are three characteristics of terrestrial planets?

Made of solid material, small, closest to sun.

What are the major characteristics of the terrestrial planets how do they differ from the gas giants?

yo mamma is the plant

What is the difference between terrestrial and gaseous?

They are not comparable as they are two totally different things. Terrestrial means "on land". Gaseous means formed from, or having the characteristics of, gas(es)

Disadvantages for life in terrestrial and aquatic environments which are related to their physical characteristics?

i dont know had luck

What are the characteristics of terrestrial animals?

1. they have legs to walk with on land. 2. they have lungs to breath air.

Is small one of the characteristics of terrestrial planet?

Compared to the gaseous planets in our solar system: yes.

What are the main characteristics of Terrestrial Planets?

monkey and donkey are all aliens so kill them all (exept monkeys)

What are the character sticks of terrestrial animals?

Terrestrial animals have a few unique characteristics. For one, they have to live on land, which is where the name, "terrestrial" comes from. They also need to breathe air to survive on land. They have to have some kind of mobility that allows them to live on land like legs.

Major terrestrial assemblages of plants animals and microorganisms that occur over wide geographical areas and that have disticnt characteristics?


What are the characteristics of terrestrial mammals?

They live on land, can't hold for too long under water except for some animals.

What are the characteristics of terrestrial planets?

The elements of Terrestrial Planets are made up of rocky ground or land, as distinct from water or air. They are also planets nearest our sun ,Venus,Mercury or Mars that resemble Earth in substance and density

What are the major characteristics of any terrestrial planet?

1. rocky 2. Gassy 3. Stupid 4. Dumb 5. You love men

Is fungi a terrestrial organism?

All fungi are not terrestrial . Mushrooms , morrells are terrestrial .

Is venus jovian or terrestrial?


Is merury terrestrial or gas?

It is terrestrial.

What are two derived characteristics that allowed reptiles to become the first entirely terrestrial vertebrates?

Plato Users: A. Amniotic Egg, and Dry Scaly Skin.

What are the stages of a frog metamorphosis and its characteristics?

Aquatic larva, terrestrial juvenile and adult. Tadpole, froglet (small frog with small tail) and adult frog.

What is terrestrial geology?

Terrestrial geology is the study of the earth, which is a terrestrial body. Terrestrial geology differs from planetary geology, which is the study of other planets.

What is terrestrial and extra terrestrial noise in radio communication?

Terrestrial noise is noise that originates on the earth. Extra terrestrial noise comes from space.