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What are the 12 tenses?


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present tense

past tense

future tense

present perfect tense

past perfect tense

future perfect tense

present progressive tense

past progressive tense

future progressive tense

present perfect progressive tense

past perfect progressive tense

future perfect progressive tense

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There are three basic tenses - Past, Present and Future There are a further three within each of these making a total of 12.

Numbers do not have past tenses

No, there isn't 100 different verb tenses.There are three basic tenses:PresentPastFutureThese simple tenses each have a further three tenses:Present ContinuousPresent PerfectPresent Perfect ContinuousPast ContinuousPast PerfectPast Perfect ContinuousFuture ContinuousFuture PerfectFuture Perfect ContinuousThis is 12 tenses in total.

Past Tenses, Present Tenses & Future Tenses

There is no formula for tenses

There is twelve verb tenses in English. Three simple tenses, three perfect tenses and six progressive forms. Many students have problems with verb tenses but they aren't really difficult.

Liar is a noun it doesn't have tenses.

Late is not a verb, and therefore has no tenses.

hello what is perfect tenses

there are 12 verb tenses not only five. present, past, future. simple-- continuous--perfect-- perfect continuous.

those who have ing form that is progressive tenses

Tenses are indeed very relevant for grammer.

Verbs have different tenses.

"Haughty" is an adjective, it doesn't have tenses.

In Bulgarian there are just 9 tenses: -Present -Past tense of perfective verbs - Aorist(um) -Past tense of imperfective verbs - Imperfektum -Past perfect -Present perfect -Future -Future perfect -Future in past -Future in past perfect but english has got 12 tenses (indicative) and spanish 20 in indicative mood and 12 in subjunctive mood

The word "worse" is an adjective and so doesn't have any grammatical tenses. Only verbs have tenses.

The word "Islam" is a noun and so doesn't have any tenses. Only verbs have tenses.

There are only three basic tenses - past, present and future.

future tenses are verbs that describe things that happen in the future

There are three simple tenses - past, present and future.

"Manic" is an adjective and so doesn't have tenses.

'Treason' is a noun. Only verbs have tenses.

"Bad" doesn't have any tenses as it's not a verb.

The three standard tenses are forget, forgot, forgotten.

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