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ser (more permanent, character, nature): soy/eres/es/somos/sois/son

estar (temporary, fleeting): estoy/estas/esta/estamos/estais/estan

'soy feliz', means 'I'm happy by nature';

'estoy feliz' means 'I'm happy at the moment', e.g. because I've received a gift.

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Q: What are the 2 parts of the verb in spanish?
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How many parts of speech can reproach be?

2: a verb and a noun.

What are the 2 basic parts of sentence?

Noun and predicate or verb

What is the verb hacer you Spanish?

"Hacer" is the Spanish verb meaning "to make" or "to do".

What does the verb necesitar mean in spanish?

The verb "necesitar" in Spanish means "to need."

What is the verb that means to be full in spanish?

This is really a combination of a verb and an adjective in both languages. In English, this is the verb "to be" plus the modifier "full". In Spanish, this is the verb "estar" and the adjective "lleno/a". So "to be full" in Spanish is "Estar lleno/a". The related Spanish verb "llenar" means "to fill".

Is the spanish verb estudiar irregular?

No. Estudiar is a regular verb in Spanish. When conjugating this verb it follows all the rules for -ar verbs.

What does the verb chaver mean in Spanish?

as far as I know, there is no chaver verb in spanish ...check the spelling

Go in Spanish?

The verb in Spanish for "to go" is "ir". It is an EXTREMELY irregular verb, and most of the conjugations look noting like the base verb.

How do you say give in Spanish?

Dando - from the verb Dar -to give

What is to love in Spanish?

The verb "to love" in Spanish is "amar".

What does the spanish word tener mean?

"Tener" is the Spanish verb meaning "to have", as in posession of something. There is a second verb in Spanish, "haber", which means "to have" when used as an auxilary verb for perfect tenses, i.e. "have done".

What parts of speech is the word pick?