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Q: What are the 3 adjectives you would use to describe life in Sparta?
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What adjectives accurately describe life in Constantinople?


What adjectives might describe life in Constantinople?


What adjectives can describe advantages of settled life?


What Three adjectives that describe Shakespeare's life?

abnormal mysterious successful

What are two adjectives that describe Dred Scott?

brave,amazing,life changing

Describe what life was like for people living in Sparta?

what is the name of the first governor

What does NOT describe life in the medieval cloister?

Many adjectives come to mind - a few are:fundisorganisedscarywilduntidydrunkenrowdy

What would life had was being a kid in Sparta?

it was good

What adjectives describe Virginia in the 1600'S?

Life in Virginia during the 1600's can be described using a few different adjectives. Simple, tough, honest, and religious all tell what life was like.

Which adjectives can be used to describe Terry Fox?

Terry Fox can describe in alot of adjectives. He is the world's hero. He did not give a way his dreams. He risked his own life and health to help us humans with cancer or disabilaties. He also was fantastic man.

Where the red fern grows Write 3 adjectives that describe Billy's life. Why did you choose these adjectives?

Three adjectives that describe Billy's life in "Where the Red Fern Grows" are adventurous, challenging, and determined. These adjectives were chosen because Billy's life in the story involves embarking on a thrilling adventure to acquire his two hound dogs, facing difficult obstacles and hardships along the way, and displaying unwavering determination to achieve his goals despite the odds stacked against him.

Did Athens or Sparta have women who did not participate in public life?

I believe it was Sparta that did not have women participate in public life.