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Following is the list of versions of visual studio:

Product name


Visual Studio


Visual Studio 97


Visual Studio 6.0


Visual Studio .NET (2002)


Visual Studio .NET 2003


Visual Studio 2005


Visual Studio 2008


Visual Studio 2010


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The 3 Editions are Learning, Professional, & Enterprise.

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Q: What are the 3 editions of ms visual basic 6.0?
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Where you can download ms visual studio?

Visual Studio Express can be downloaded from The other editions of Visual Studio are not free and must be purchased.

Is ms access 2003 compatible with ms visual basic 2008 express?

yes it is, I have already made lots of programs with it.

How Can you use MS Visual Basic 2005 Express as a direct database application?


How can you link access with Visual basic?

you can link MS access in VB by using ADO methods ADODC and ADODB..

What program is used to make a .mdb file in visual basic. pls help im just a begginer?

ms access

How can made multimedia player software?

Use MS Visual Basic 6.0 and add win media payer from preferences and design it.

What are the visual basic project file?

Download visual studio (Or the Free Version: MS Visual Basic 2010 Express) from the Microsoft development network website.Install the program to your computer.Open the program.Go to File > New Project.Then develop your code (You may wish to consult additional material on the development network if you are unfamiliar to the language)When you have finished developing your code, go to Build > Publish Project to generate an executable installation file you can distribute to other computers.Note: There are related links to the MS VB 2010 Express download site, along with a link to a series of visual basic tutorial videos attached to this answer (See below).

What is ms visual studio?

ms visual studio is combination of relational database and management systems of the database . it contain visual fox pro visual basics which help in constructing databases like reports forms tables.

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BASIC,C,C++AnswerVBA Basic. There are many versions, but the basics are the same. BASIC was one of the first simpler programming languages. VBA Net+ is the latest. If you have MS Office 2000 or 2003 you can write programs in the Excel envrionment. MS Visiual Studio is the full programming package. In Excel, go to Tools, Options, and Visual Basic. Have fun! Use the help functions as much as possible. There are many web-sites and blogs to help you get started. Visual Studio is very expensive. Learning in Excel VBA is cheaper and gives you the idea of programming without spending a lot of bucks.

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