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volume pressure and temperature


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There are at least 3 major factors that affect sensation. These 3 factors that affect sensation are pressure, temperature, and smell.

1. Nature of solute or solvent 2. Temperature 3. Pressure (gases only)

Factors that affect mental health are: 1) HEREDITARY FACTOR 2) PHYSICAL FACTORS 3) SOCIO- CULTURAL FACTORS

1. Polarity 2. Molecular mass 3. Whether or not the molecule is branched.

3 factors that affect the speed of an enzyme catalysed reaction are: .Temperature .Enzyme Concentartion .Substrate concentration

The 3 factors that affect the history of any nation have always been a) Economy b) People and c) Wars ofcourse.

the factors are 1temperature 2 the long chain and 3 branch chain

- Heredity - Environment - Situation

gravity, mass, and density

temperature pressure concentration

Angle and what are the others

3 abiotic factors that affect a coniferous forest is the soil, the amount of rainfall, and the amount of sunlight that reaches the plants and animals. hi lillie

the 3 biotic facters are decomposers, scavengers, and predators

Gases are compressible, whereas solids are not compressible <3

3 factors 1) type of bone 2) position and strength of ligaments 3) contraction of muscle

rest, work, and abundant food!

Altitude, temperature and humidity.

Rainfall, Tempature, and moisture

1. pH 2. Temperature 3. Product concentration

The intensity of light, concentration of carbon dioxide and temperature are the factors that can affect the rate of photosynthesis. These factors may either reduce or boost the rate of the process.

the 3 factors that influences a budget are unexpeted income, unexpected expenses and inflation...

Temperature, salinity, and pressure.

1- nature of salt, 2- temperature and 3- dilution of solution.

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