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Scientific method, telescope and thermometer

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Q: What are the 3 inventions or discoveries of the scientific revolution?
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What are 3 inventions or discoveries of the Scientific revouloution?

telescope microscope and a system to name and classify living things.

What are the discoveries and inventions of the Iroquois tribe?

lacrosse !! <3

What is 3 of Galileos discoveries or inventions?

thermometer, telescope and the inclined plane

What website has 500 latest biology discoveries or inventions?

just watch the movie 3 idiots

What 3 inventions in the industrial revolution used the new technology of steam power?

The Locomotive, the Paddle Wheeler and the Automobile

What are scientific aspects in Frankenstein?

Scientific aspects in Frankenstein: 1] generative anthropology 2] fear of a scientific revolution 3] related fields of medicine, anatomy and natural philosophy 4] mental health and its effect on the working self 5] the scientific revolution's effect on Europe and its fueling of the industrial revolution 6] combining ancient and new sciences

What are the 3 was scientist make discoveries?

discoveries, guest, and hypotheses

What 3 similar factors led to the Renaissance the Reformation and the Scientific Revolution Discuss each?

Technology, Mathematics & The Renaissance

What are the 3 factors that are causing a collision between your civilization and the earth?

There are three factors that are causing this collision.Population, scientific and technological revolution.

Which are the 3 most important scientific revolutions?

Some of the greatest of the Scientific Revolutionwere made by one man, Sir Isaac Newton.He made exciting contributions to both math and phisics.he is best known for observations of gravity and the force that attracts objects to each other.

Name 3 Sumerian inventions?


What are the release dates for Ancient Discoveries - 2003 Machines of the Gods 3-3?

Ancient Discoveries - 2003 Machines of the Gods 3-3 was released on: USA: 6 February 2007