What are the 3 main parts of microscope give the function?


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The three main parts of the microscope are the Mechanical parts, Magnifying parts and the Illuminating parts.


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The function of the condenser in a microscope is to concentrate the light on the specimen. The condenser is one of the main parts of the optical system in a microscope.

The compound microscope has three main parts, The three main parts of a microscope includes the illuminating parts, the magnifying parts, and the mechanical parts.

The theee main parts of the microscope are Lenses Tube-arm assembly illuminator

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There are 3 main structural parts of a compound microscope i.e. Head, Base and Arm.

There are actually FOUR main parts of a compound light microscope instead of three. These four main parts are the Arm, the Head, the Base, and the Stage.

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1. Mechanical Parts- refer to the parts that serve as the framework of the apparatus.2.Illuminating or optical parts- produce light entering he microscope3.Magnifyig Parts- enlarge or magnify the object

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the microscope pillar is the portion that is mounted to the base and adds support to the unit. It is the main piece of the microscope that stands upright, and is sometimes used for focusing.

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The main parts of the microscope are the eye-pieces, microscope tube, nose-piece, objective, mechanical stage, condenser, coarse and fine focusingknobs, and light source.

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